Inactive [FIX/MECH] RangedWolves v1.0.2 - Bring out your hunting dogs! [1988 / 1.1-R6]

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    RangedWolves - Bring out your hunting dogs!
    Version: v1.0.2- CB 1988 (1.1-R6)

    All Relevant information is now on my Bukkit Dev page!
    Here's the link:

    This plugin allows for having your pet wolves attack your ranged target. In other words: if you attack a creature or player with any sort of projectile (arrow/snowball/egg), your wolves will attack that target!
    I had been looking for this feature for a while and haven't come across it, so I took it upon myself to build my java skills and make it happen!

    MobArena is NOT required, however it is an awesome plugin.

    Many thanks to @garbagemule for helping me throughout the ordeal, and teaching me stuff about Java I didn't realize/learn yet in school. And also for making Mob Arena :)

    Download RangedWolves - BukkitDev link
    Secondary Download - Github (supposedly wget friendly)
    Source Code - Github (also included in the jar file)

    For the entire Changelog, look here: Changelog
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    hmm I thought wolves already did that though
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    From my testing they did not. The only things they did were attack anything that hit you, or attack anything you hit in melee.
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    oh then this is a nice addition
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    New Known issues. I broke v0.3 in Mob Arena :p (testing it's fixed in v0.4)

    Version 0.4 released. Want to get the issue fixed (putting it off until v0.5), but it's too late for me to keep going lol. I need sleep :p

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    Haven't downloaded it yet (not at home), but is there a config option to disable this effect outside of MobArena? I'd like it for my MobArena users, but want to keep things vanilla out in the normal world. :)

    Also, future update could add MultiWorld support (I don't need it, but others might like). ^_^
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    At the moment there is no Config, it's just a jar and off you go. I can see about making a config and testing that out. I'd probably have it be a toggle for the world as well as in MobArena
    so ultimately something along the lines of
    RW-in-MA: true
        world1: true
        world2: false
        worldN: true
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    Very nice! This should be a very nice addition to any server, but especially pet classes in MobArena :)

    Pet wolves only attack monsters that attack their owner, or their owner attacks in melee, given that that monster is not a Creeper :)
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    This makes them even attack Creepers >.> Should I disallow that?
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    Update: Just got to a source of electricity and internet for the first time since Saturday. I'm currently without power at home, and will not be updating until I'm back up and running. As of right now, that's "within a week" (ETA provided by the Power Company). Awesome!
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    Update on my power situation: Apparently, according to my step-father, the Power Company said we'll have power "after the weekend". Awesome... it'll be over a week without power. Go hurricanes! >.<

    On another note, started working on the Config file @Agnate suggested, and will work on fixing wolves attacking each other.
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    Version 0.5 is nearly complete. Need to do some testing to make sure I didn't miss any checks anywhere, and to make sure my config checks work, then will release it some point tomorrow or Friday.

    A brief thought just crossed my mind. I've no idea if this is persistent, as in keeps across server restarts. I'm going to have to look into that next.
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    Because Minecraft doesn't automatically keep track of how many wolves a player has (only the wolf knows its owner), I sometimes experience an issue where my non-MobArena wolves will join me in the arena. I was wondering if your plugin could temporarily-fix this by intercepting any assist attempts by wolves outside the arena. :)

    No idea if it'll work, but thought I'd mention it!
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    Is there anyway you can make this plugin work against players, and not just mobs?

    Would help a lot on a pvp server, thanks.
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    I actually started thinking about that last night when fixing the pets killing each other issue, and in my damage event listener I put this TODO snippet for when someone asked.
                    //TODO check server for PVP, possibly have wolves attack players
                    //TODO rearrange some logic/checks to incorporate server PvP
    So if my tests of my current version (soon to be released v0.5) go well, I'll see about adding it in :)

    @Agnate and everyone else
    Version 0.5 is out!

    Show Spoiler

    • Added a Configuration file to denote where to use Ranged Wolves
      • Each World has a true/false option
      • Each Arena has a true/false option
        • if you don't use Mob Arena, this section won't be added
      • Added a command (/rw reload) to reload the config
    • Reworked the Entity Damage Listener
      • Added checks for if a wolf is a pet or not
      • Added section for later adding in PvP checks
      • Added Arena/World checks if RW is enabled or not
      • Arenas take precedence over Worlds
        • If a World is set false, and an Arena in that world is set true, it will still work
    • Added several messages for events that happen (pet tame/spawn/death)
    • Added a command to get nearby wolves and add them to the owners if they're already tamed ("/rw retro"). It also tells you how many got added.
      • If one of the nearby wolves is already associated, it will be skipped

    Did you notice this before or after using RangedWolves? I'm not aware that this was happening, so I don't know where to start looking for a way to stop it from occuring.

    Does this mean that as you type "/ma j [arenaname]" your wolves are sitting in the lobby with you? or is it when the arena starts, they'll run from wherever they are into the arena and start attacking your enemies?

    As of right now, when in an arena, only wolves that are associated to you from the arena will attack your ranged targets, every other pet wolf you have gets ignored, as in doesn't get told to do or not do anything.

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    @mstaj PvP is nearly ready to be released, just cleaning up my code to not be so messy. As of right now, it's per world PvP settings, and if you don't have a plugin that denotes per world, I think they all pull from the server settings. When I release it you'll have to let me know how it works out for you. It should be later tonight after I get home and have dinner

    edit: apparently I didn't fix wolves killing each other, even though my initial tests proved that it had stopped :-/ working on actually fixing that before the PvP stuff comes out

    @mstaj and everyone else

    Version 0.6 released!
    I found the problem I was having, and have released a fix, as well as added PvP capability! If your world is PvP enabled, wolves will attack players now! Otherwise, nothing happens.

    Also, thanks @Agnate for helping me clean up my Listener

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    Good news everyone!

    Version 0.7 released!
    I found a way to have wolves be retroactive! If for some reason this isn't working, there is still the "/rw retro" command. Regardless, let me know if it's not working for some case, and I will look into it.

    Also as a teaser for those who enable PvP in your Mob Arenas, there is a build available (by request only) that also requires the Mob Arena Dev build.
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    Trying to utilize BukkitDev more, so please post any comments/issues/suggestions there so I get a better feel for how it all works.
    Thanks in advance!

    Note to self: Stop posting so much on my own threads :p
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    Updated to v0.7.1 and now working (Supposedly, I don't have any pet wolves yet in 1.8.1) with RB 1185!
    Let me know on the BukkitDev forums (Link in the OP) if anything isn't working right!
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    v0.7.2 is out, check out the changelog!
    Post any new issues on BukkitDev please! :)
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    v0.7.2a is out. A minor bugfix. Not required to keep using the plugin :)

    Also @Plague
    Can this be moved into Plugin Releases please?

    v0.7.3 is out! fixed an NPE and updated to CB 1240 :)

    Thanks Plague!

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    v0.7.4 is out!
    I fixed an issue during onEnable for some. Mob Arena seems to want to load after this, which causes mayhem. temp fix until the root problem is found. Also, RB 1317 released, and nothing major has changed that would affect this plugin from functioning. Please report any issues on the Bukkit Dev forum in the OP if there is!

    edit: Apparently there was a Configuration class change, so I need to fix that before I'm ready for RB 1317. I'll make it a new version (probably 0.7.5) and post it here. Probably won't be until tomorrow, as bed is calling :p
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    this is great thanks!
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    The plugin works great. But I get weird "Severe" errors in the console whenever its used. But nothing seems to be affected game.
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    I noticed you neither posted here nor on Bukkit Dev, did your problem go away or have you not posted it yet?

    v0.7.5 is out!
    Built against CB 1317 and using the new YamlConfiguration vs the deprecated Configuration! Nothing new in terms of features, it's just up to date :)

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    A sneak peek inside my current workings of this plugin:
    Adding in Skeleton as a possible Wolf Owner!
    You can enable/disable them outright (enabled by default)
    You can set the % chance a spawned Skeleton will be a Wolf Owner (10% by default)
    You can set the maximum number of pet Wolves a Skeleton gets. (1 by default, hard cap of 5)

    All of this is subject to change if I feel like it.
    Tell me what you think! :)
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    Version 0.8 is out!

    • Skeletons can now spawn as a Wolf Owner and have a Wolf pet(s)!
    • You can enable/disable them outright (enabled by default)
      • If Ranged Wolves is disabled for the World, but Skeleton Tamers are enabled, they will not spawn.
    • You can enable/disable them in Mob Arena (enabled by default)
      • If Ranged Wolves is disabled for the Arena, but Skeleton Tamers are enabled in Mob Arenas, they will not spawn.
    • Upon Skeleton Tamer's death, if any of his pets remain alive, they turn Angry/Hostile
    • You can set the % chance a spawned Skeleton will be a Wolf Owner (10% by default)
      • If you try to put over 100% it'll go to 100%
      • If you try to put under 0% it'll go to 0%
    • You can set the maximum number of pet Wolves a Skeleton gets. (1 by default, hard cap of 5)
      • The number for Max pets isn't guaranteed to happen, it will be random from 1 to the Max pets amount
      • If you try to put over 5 Max pets, it'll go to 5
      • If you try to put under 0 Max pets, it'll go to 0
    • Since all of this is configurable, that means there's a new section in your config.yml file. But, it should Auto-Update to v0.8 standards and say that it has. No need to delete and let it regenerate a new config.yml!!
    • Coinciding with the config.yml update for the new content, I realized I had forgotten Ghast Fireballs as a potential Projectile! It has since been added and will update your config.yml! (default is true)
      • Also, any new Worlds/Arenas added from in game will require you to "/rw reload" to have them appear in the config (defaulting to true)
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    v0.8.1 is out!

    • Fixed config.yml 'fixers' for Skeleton Tamers and for Fireballs. Fireballs wasn't broken, but I made it check every projectile instead of just Fireballs
    • Fixed a couple of NPEs in the entity listener
    • Added missing "else{ }" statement after the Skeleton section of the damage listener, allowing the code to jump right into the Player section. Whoops!
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    v0.8.2 is now out!
    It's not required to keep using, as there are no bug fixes, per se. See the OP for the changes :)

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