[FIX/MECH] EctoBGone v1.0 - Bust those slimes [928]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by BeepDog, Apr 18, 2011.

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    i like this. change the name to a nice pun and i'll dl.
    (when bukkit is updated o'course.)
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    Thank you so much! Everyone on my server hates those f-ing slime balls.
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    When i saw this i thought great! atlast! only problem is that it seems to just make them invisible (they still kill ppl when invisible)

    I even tried using the spawnmob plugin to /spawnmob kill slime, which kills all slimes since i thought it maybe slimes that were already spawned turn invisible but no new ones spawn.

    Hopefully you can look into this.
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    Thank you, been looking for this for a long time!
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    On the server we play on, I haven't encountered any slimes at all. We're using this plugin because we've got a grinder built to grind mobs for us, and it had nothing but slimes in it. F3hasn't shown any invisible monsters at all. Sorry.
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    Testing this now. I like how there isn't a build 770 yet, though.
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    Heh, sorry. Mistyped 740 :)
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    It isnt this plugin that is doing that. That has been a problem since slimes were first introduced into the game.
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    i juse slimeballs as money... (slimes are walking treasures on my server xD)
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    Anyone test this with RB928 yet? I will post back after I'm done testing if not.
    Just tested this with RB928 loads fine and blocks the spawn even when using command book to try and spawn slime. Did not have time to hunt for Natural slime but should be the same thing.
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    Thanks! I appreciate it. I don't think we've updated the server we play with to use 928, I'll update the topic :)
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    Is this compatible with 1000 build of bukkit?
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    There's a good probability that it will be, but we've stopped using it, since slimes became necessary to make sticky pistons :)
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    I c :)

    We still use it because we have massive bases underground (witch got floooooooded with slimes), and we have set up a Walmart where we can buy almost everything with balanced prices.
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    Very nice! Well, the plugin is very simple, try it out, and if it doesn't work, I'll fix it :) I expect that it will work fine though, it's basically one line of code, plus the registration code.
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    :) We'll try it and i'll post a message if it does not work.

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