[FIX/FUN]RandomDiscs - Find ALL the music Discs! [1564]

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    Dev page: (Not approved yet)

    The server I work for, much like many others has a handful of people who are absolutely livid that only two of the music discs implemented in the game are available without creative mode. This leads to a lot of whining and complaining, and even begging for admins to give them music discs.

    Our server, however, is a purist PVP/Factions building server. Admins DO NOT spawn players items. My server owner and I got together, and decided to fix this problem within the game code itself.

    This plugin waits until a chunk has finished generating for the first time, and finds any chest containing a music disc. It will then re-randomize the disc, and replace it with one of the eleven discs. This will only happen one time, and will not affect player-placed chests. In addition, this plugin allows creepers killed by skeletons to drop any disc, rather than just the default two.

    Source on Github:

    Download now listed on the official page at the top of this post
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    mmmm.... nice...
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    This plugin just got approved. You will now find the download in the proper place on bukkitdev.
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    To get out of plugin submissions change the build to [1.0.1-R1]
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    exactly that

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