Inactive [FIX] ChunkManager 0.4.3 - Improved chunk sending algorithms! [1818]

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  1. They are not exactly the same. This is the original - I shared the code and idea with bergerkiller, and he made his own version that uses the same ideas.

    This version will usually work better on crowded servers or when there is not enough bandwidth available, the version inside NoLagg will usually work better if you have a nearly empty server or a lot of bandwidth to spare.

    My advice would be to try them both for a while, and see which works better for you.
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    Can't wait for 0.5
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    if I'm reading the numbers right, max viewdistance for the client is a 26x26 box, ie chunks are up to 13 chunks away from you. Will be good when the number is configurable to allow for that, I can't run it on my server otherwise :)

    oh, shows the last update was 0.1 and has no links to e.g. github (apart from in certain comments)
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    I love this plugin, it's quite nice :p
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    does this work with bukkit dev builds?
  6. I've had a report that in the very latest dev builds ChunkManager is broken, but early 1.1 builds work (tested that myself). I'll update at least as soon as an RB is out, and may release an "unofficial" version for the dev builds if I have time and/or need it myself ;-)
  7. Tried out your plugin for the first time, got an error, then saw this post.
    If it will assist, here is the error - generated on bukkit build #1797

    00:55:37 [WARNING] Task of 'ChunkManager' generated an exception
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: b
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(

    What the error causes, is no chunks to be sent to the client - I ended up floating (bobbing about) in mid-air.
  8. Since the 1.1 RB is now out, I'll update with support for 1.1 shortly!
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    /begs we want this awesome plugin, nolagg ate one of my worlds already.
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  10. 0.4.3 just came out, which fixes compatibility with the latest RB.
    It shouldn't break again in the future, provided nothing crazy changes in (vanilla) MC...
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    Will this update to the bukkit beta build? :)
  13. I'll check if it needs any updates soon. It's only a hundred lines of code, so most updates do not break it - but this last one was pretty big... so I'll check to be sure :)
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    Server Version 1.2.3.R2

    Chunks dident load under my feet upon join and ended glitching out had to use /top and creative to fly to load distent chunks befor comeing back.

    However im now useing both Nolagg and this makeing a very nice chunk loading intergration with no issues.
    I have set Nolag to do close blocks (I.E under my feet) at a very slow rate while ChunkManager handles fast flying Creative mode admins/mods.
  15. A 1.2 compatible version is in my github - I want to do some proper testing before releasing any .jar files, though. :)
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    Thulinma Thanks man!
    I have successfully integrated this into Ptweaks and made some changes to work with ChunkPersistance.
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    is it possible to update this to 1.2.5-R4.0? There is a major issue of chunks not unloading since 1.2, which causes mobs to spawn but not to despawn, building up mob limit untill it reaches the cap =(


    where is your github?? =D

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