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    The Correction Plugin​
    What is Mistake?

    Mistake is a plugin that fixes the old problem of typing in ".spawn" and just goes ahead and runs the command like you typed in "/spawn".

    What is the point of this Plugin?

    I have always hated when I miss typed and so did my fellow Moderators and Administrators. This Fixes the problem!


    Source <-- Hosted on Dropbox​
    Version: 0.3​
    • Reworded Correction Responses.
    • Added Ability to check if it is a command and if not, let the message continue.
    • Some minor code changes.
    Version 0.2:​
    • Added The Correction of missed placed "/"s (Please Note That Every Time you put a / it will try to run it as a command. ie: Hello Sir/Ma'am Would be ran as /sirma'am)
    • Fixed typo's
    Version 0.1:
    • Release

    Attached Files:

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    What about things like "s/wan" yes it happens.
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    I will work on finding missed placed /'s
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    What if I want to run a command with a . in it, say, /me eats a hamburger. Wouldn't the plugin replace that to /me eats a hamburger/ ?
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    No It only looks for the chat message to begin with a "."

    However, it does say the extra slashes in the message. but runs the command correctly

    EDIT: Version 0.2 Released With Added Support for "s/pawn = /spawn, spawn/ = /spawn h/elp = /help etc..."

    The Plugin is now uploaded with new revisions very minor except it now knows when you are not typing a command.

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  6. Kodfod Edit your thread title pertaining to the plugin submission guidelines; include version and description.

    [FIX/CHAT] Mistake v0.2 - Command Correction Plugin [1.2.5-R4.0]
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    Okay. Thanks for the tip
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    Might need some refinement, but approved anyway.
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    md_5 Thanks! Also, What do you mean by "refinement"? like more Mistake Correction, or accuracy?

    I Would Like to Ask the Users Who HAve Used this plugin and people who are considering it: What can I do to improve the overall plugin?

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    Jacob Marshall

    Grats on getting the plugin approved, md_5 really has his work cut out approving and re-checking so many plugins.

    Ontopic: This is such a great idea, I just dont know how reliable the algorithm is yet. Ill give it a try tomorrow :)
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    Jacob Marshall: Thanks For Considering trying out The plugin. This Was a Very Simple and is very Light weight. It Check out the source all it does (So Far) is look for missed-placed /'s and .'s tries to run it after fixed, and if not it allows the message to continue.
  12. It's great to use, not a need, but still useful. 7/10 :) Good plugin.
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    Glad you found it useful! If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them here.
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    like the idea thought I think you need it for your web browser to and fix downlaod to download
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    Looking for most commonly missed spelled words, making a database of them to replace regular chat messages. Please lend a hand!
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    bump ^.^
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    Some of my members always uses \ instead of / because they are programers. Is this implented in the plugin?
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    yes, yes it is
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    Now looking for people to help with more languages! Please pm me with what lang you can translate to.

    Thanks =)
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    That's so prety awesome! Thank you, helped me =3
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    hahaha, no it doesn't. never noticed that! i might add that!
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    You won't believe the amount of times I have seen that on servers ._.
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    Yeah they should fix that and put a / in there...

    edit: Updated!

    Just awaiting a Staff to approve the new version on bukkit dev!

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