[FIX/ADMN/MECH] EntitySuppressor v3.0- Limit Mobs, Reduce Lag! [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Moved to BukkitDev

    Downloads [CB 1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Add "debug: true" to your config and tell me if the monsters are staying siabled even when there is less than the limit, please.

    No. Use minecraft villagers and not player entities.
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    i turned debug on, next to that it spams cancelspawns alot (20/sec) it also says "disabled monsters in guest" after 30 secs, while the current was 40 and the maxallowed was 127

    i think from that point it just stops spawning mobs
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    It's debug. Obvs it spams.

    Does it stay disabled? Does it never say they are enabled *after* that, even when the amount is lower?

    What is "ScanInterval" set to in your config?
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    Hm, what ist the sense of this?
    I dislike Plugins sending data to anyone, so please make it optional.
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    So that I can gather some (totally anonymous) data on the amounts of entities/chunks/players/servers for two reasons:
    1: It's nice to know how many people are running it.
    2: To gather information on the numbers of things to in a bid to potentially improve how I calculate stuff and what I focus on.

    The *full* source for metrics (Bukkit and site) (which is made by hidendra, the maker of LWC) can be found here: https://github.com/Hidendra/metrics.griefcraft.com

    It identifies your server by a randomly generated UUID and *not* IP.
    The UUID (GUID) can be found in /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml

    It's already optional. Metrics has a built in op-out function found in /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml

    It's not like I'm sending your player names or anything either (that wouldn't even work...). It really just sends a couple numbers.
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    ok i tested, and yes they enable again in eahc world,
    the scaninterval is 40 (wasnt is 100 at default?)

    could the scaninterval be a problem making such happening?
    and i know its obvious about the spam, it was just a note in matter as "beside"


    and about the npc's, citizens doesnt support other entities, and the plugin is a must currently

    but can u confirm its impossible to see the difference between a npc and a real player?

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    Put "UseSpawnFlags: false" in your config. Remove the debug. Disabling that feature should fix it. I'm not sure what the root cause is though. :(

    Yes. Your screwed on Bukkit's end.

    "public class PathNPC extends EntityPlayer {"

    I see that Citizens has an API though, I'll try to integrate it for an upcoming version.

    EDIT: The scanner is still using old code. This is bad. Critical bugfix by the end of today. (It won't even see Players then.)

    Critical bugfix patch - v2.1.1

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    One question, if i drop a million diamonds for example will the items be qeued are deleted? Like will they sit in memory or be deleted.
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    Use NoLagg. ES is specifically for mobs. (Better than NL for mobs, but the rest NL is the best at.)
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    monster limit cause LAGS cause 2-3 tick rate drop its so stupud! coz server still spawn monsters
    you need turn off monsters in server config and spawn spawn spawn by self by plugin
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    link :)?
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    yu makes no no no sense.

    Can you state this in a clear way so that I can make informed changes? Thanks.

    v2.2 will contain some performance improvements, though. (Such as not using sqrt for distance!)


    Why the heck is it still under review?!
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    turn you head on and get some tests
    i have 250+ ppl server and i test that, when you limit monsters server still spawn, and you have too kill, but server still spawn and again... this cause 2-4 tick rate drop if you have 50+ ppl and i have full server lagg when turn on you plugin or Nolagg with 200+ ppl. But if i turn of monter spawn in server config i dont have laggs or tick drop, but no monsters. Same i have better ticks if no use you plugin with 5-7k mobs. And its not server hardware problem.
    So, better if we turn of monsters in server config and you plugin spawn some monters for us, test my idea, i test that, this is 1000% better spawn not kill.
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    Hello just want to say I love the idea of your plugin I just wish I could get it to work =P.

    So my problem is I have set all the settings the way I wanted also im running 1.1.4 and I have your latest build believe it was v2.1.1. Anyways when i do /es count it doesn't give maxiums even though I have them set. I also have it set for animals true but it doesn't stop the set. I set the monsters to 1512 and animals 512.

    I have over 7,000 monsters and 4,500 animals so i did a /es remove all then did another /es count was 2,880 monsters and over 1,200 animals within 30 sec's to a min. My server usually only has around 40-80 players on it but I can't keep the monster limit down if you have any idea or need more information please let me know and thanks.
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    i dont use it coz 90% of plugins have errors with CB++ amd ALL mods like IC2 or buildcraft
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    Run the latest version (2.1.1). That is all. Tell me what's not working once you've done that. :)

    (I don't do legacy support.)
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    I am running your 2.1.1 it put that in there the 1.1.4R is for bukkit I am using. It's not working for limiting the monsters at all =/ They just bypass it and continue to spawn. It gives me the right amounts of total monsters but they fair pass the amount I set the limit to. 6201 monsters on right now in world and the world is set to 1512. There's 1408 animals it's set to 512.... I mean this is a super simple plugin just not sure why it's not working.
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    It's not as simple as you may think.. but, can you upload a paste of your config?
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    Well I fixed the issue it was saying world and wasn't adding a limit in-game my maps name or world name is Test World so I edited that in the config. It is limiting the monsters fairly well but the animals keep reaching over 1,000's even though they're set to 512. Any clue why that could be? The config is right now and I edited all of it and when I do /es count it gives the correct max's but it still goes over with animals. I guess 2 word maps need to edit the config yourself if that helps anyone else. =P
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    Ummm... yes? The config does not set itself at the current time.

    You have animals that were perviously spawned before you added ES. You can use /es remove animals, but it does not discriminate and people who own farms will lose their animals. It also only works for loaded chunks.
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    Ya I did the slaugther and they respawned over the limit over time. Anyways it's alot better than it was so thanks. And keep it up. Can't wait to see the new plugins and hopefully 1.2.0 won't be to much of a headache for everyone.
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    since i put this node in the config, the problem seems to be gone.

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    As of 2.1.1 you should be able to remove that node. I fixed the root bug! :)
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    Updated to v2.1.2 with significant performance improvements and built against Bukkit 1.1-R3!
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    Download?? link points to 2.1.1 (max.)
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    monsters gradually turn to 0 since i turned it on

    off again now
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    another thing,

    when i type /es count, it count eg. 100 monsters
    but when i type //butcher it said killed 687 mobs (per-world command like ES)

    it happened before, and i did restart the server some hours ago, might be that...
    so i need to butcher all mobs in order to get entitysupressor working like it should (starts counting actual mobs)

    im not sure if it only happens with a restart (wouldnt be much of a prob then)
    but ill let u know soon

    hmm the counts doesnt match at all,

    /es count: 100 mobs
    //butcher: killed 400 mobs

    doesnt it count mobs on not-loaded chunks?

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