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    Justin Quach

    Plugin category: Administration, I think.

    Suggested name: FirstJoinWelcome

    A bit about me: I'm just a regular server owner looking to make a User Friendly space.

    What I want: A simple "Welcome <playername> to the Server!" message to new joiners that broadcasts to everyone. This helps all the Staff help out newer players, with starting out, building, etc.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No perms needed. All configured through YML config files.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime this week.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: N/A
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    Justin Quach

    Easy way out of this one is. Essentials is a huge package, made for a lot of things. Would it be practical to download and use it just for this one small thing?
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    Yes, I wouldn't know what to do with my server without essentials. My server depends on it
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    Essentials is your best bet, and I'm sure you could find a use for everything else it packs in, considering it's basic commands and, well, the essentials.
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    Justin Quach

    So I'm guessing this won't be made?

    Possibly making me wanna learn Java and do it myself :D?
  7. I can make this! What is the exacly message you want the players to see when they join?!
  8. Let it be configurable ^^
  9. argh, I have not been looking to much into the new config system.. yet!

    I can make it whitout it in no time right now if yah want it, but for the config I have to wait!
  10. I can make it in the next week or so with a config and possibly commands.

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    Justin Quach

    If you could make it say "* <player> had entered the world of CyprCRAFT" ?

    If you throw me the source I can edit it myself. Colors would be great too.
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    I would say use essentials.. it just does everything so well!
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    Justin Quach

    Essentials is way too heavy.
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    I want this and do not use Essentials. I've been pestering Bush , the dev of the inactive FirstLogin plugin, to update it, but to no avail. Maybe someone just needs to fork FirstLogin and update it?
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    If some1 would like to update my plugin for me it would be great, i'm not getting any time for this at the moment and would like my plugin to get out there again.

    See if this is what you want @Justin Quach?


    Any 1 willing to download the source and update it for me?

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  16. I am going to start this plugin from scratch, gimme a few days as I am a bit busy.

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    Justin Quach

    I'll try to update it Bush. Gotta go open the Bukkit Book though :$
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    k kwl, i'll send the source as soon as i get time this week>>>

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    Justin Quach

    Please do! Thanks!
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    Idk about weeks but this could be made in a few hours including the config and all..
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    All this talk about "this could be made..."

    Will someone take the initiative?
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    i can do this in 5 mins >.>

    //EDIT - -_Husky_- me if you still want it made :p
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    Justin Quach

    Please do!
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    I made it a while ago, forgot to post for the public, woops
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    Justin Quach

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