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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Teh Kitteh, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Has anyone got an automatically generated skyworld after updating to an experimental CB build???
    Its very strange, i haven't got any world/skyworld generating plugins that allows it (that i know of). I removed Multiverse before updating cause i just wanted to generate a new normal and nether world, but then i noticed the server generating a skyworld from 1st run. I deleted the map afterwards and ran it again and it regenerates...

    Either Notch or bukkit implemented it?
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    If you do the same thing on the newest CB build it will be called worldname_the_end. The one it's auto creating for you is the_end but it's just named wrong.
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    no It loads all plugins i just cant get in the server. It says logging in and then the error shows up
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    Stop your server, delete all the map's reference in all the plugin's configs files.

    The map won't regen, exept the one specified in
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    Wat ya mean? The link is craftbukkit?
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    Is it craftbukkit or craftbukkit 1.9?
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    I also have been running every SB with changes for a couple of days now. No problems running so far (likewise, except spout and MV corrupts - there's also the NPEs when folks are playing). I'm sure the devs know about all this so they are working on it.

    Depending on the model macs can be just fine for hosting - the later one's are all just *nix with a custom XWindows. Hell our currentl server is a Windows XP box! Damn I gotta get our linux machine fixed up :(

    Go here to see what you need.

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    [diamond]Hey Thanks it works fine for me[diamond]
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    Thanks dude! This looks trustworthy :p I'll see if it works.
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    Look at the file name closely again.
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    Anyone not getting XP in the nether with latest bukkit #1491 ?
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    Troll to myself, the only decent way to build a solid server is with linux+ssh, kill others solutions with fire.
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    I've tried several builds and I experienced this issue with all of them.

    Okay so this is a list of bugs I'm still experiencing with #1490:

    • No exp orbs in nether.
    • Items lose enchantment when placed in a storage minecart.
    • End portals in worlds other than the main world link to a random coordinates in the overworld.
    • Items lose enchantment when using the Admin Mode plugin. It's probably the plugin's fault but it's worth mentioning.
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    I'm running CommandBook, STAB, WorldEdit and WorldGuard. All are working fine.
    However, I believe there is a medium sized memory leak in bukkit itself. After testing each of those plugins for a memory leak, I couldn't isolate any single one, but my memory usage keeps going until the server crashes.
  17. Who needs SSH? I just let a butterfly flap its wings once causing a shift in the Earth's magnetic forces momentarily which run my server code in the future.
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    I went back to Bukkit 1467 and I've solved this problem for myself. Builds up to 1487 (as far as I tested) do this with exception to 1467.
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    Have noticed this as well.

    Also, double doors are broken/glitched in 1492...kinda sounds like they are trying to close twice. Fireball projectiles are fixed though :D
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    If you're running #1942, then you have bigger problems. ;)
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    WOW... just saw the mistake haha :p Thanks for catching that... 1492 for the record.
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    not only double doors, but also double trapdoors are glitched. =)
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    How do you post a bug report? I would like to contribute, but cant seem to find the page to submit one.
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    I have tested and the plugins i have tested working for me

    Superlog (an alternative to logblock)

    Tested NOT working
    Latest logblock

    I got a good setup going only thing missing is a antigrief zone pertection plugin. So far all I try have failed to protect. Epiczones gave me no errors and appeared to be working as normal but players could interact in zones as normal. It said it worked in the console and produced no errors but in game its as if the protected zones didnt have protection. Permissions problem perhaps? anyway if anyone has a tested working zone protection plugin please advise
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    Works perfectly ^_^

    The only broken plug-in I'm seeing at the moment is WorldGuard.
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    All plugins I've tried work as good as ever for me on the latest build (#1493), including WorldGuard.
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    Yeah... WorldGuard works perfectly on my end too. I don't know why it doesn't work for some peeps.
  30. I just tried to create a nether portal in a new world, but the server won't generate a new Nether to go with it.

    I am using Multiverse, not sure if that has anything to do with it, though.
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