First Minecraft 1.0.0 Bukkit Build Released----Keep Discussion Here

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Teh Kitteh, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Finished Version ( 1.0.0 )
    2012 :|
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    Thank you! It works :D
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    Just remember anytime you download a new one you have to name it craftbukkit.jar too!
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    somebody have problems with nether?

    i want to disable nether, and i disable this in, but bukkit still loading nether :(
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    They fixed it. Upgrade to the newest dev build.
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    the thing is with "soon" and "when its done" well this was a major version change, from beta to retail for minecraft we all expected a few days delay but this is getting silly now, the dev builds we have been using have been rock solid, why not promote one to RB so things can get moving again you can always promte a better RB when u have one.
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    Lol, I think if it would be
    then they would release it as an official stable, recommended build. If there were no bugs, there would be a RB, right?
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    does anyone have a player injection exception error? cause that seems to be my only problem with the dev builds.
    (Note: I have no plugins installed)
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    Hey i've download it and it works fine untill it comes up with:
    [Severe] Unexpected Expectation
    at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.c<

    Anyone got any answers?
    P.S Plz Tell me
    P.S.S Im that desperate
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    Why do we have to rename our folders ? It causes problems to start some servers. I renamed as you said but I start my server with Putty and when I try to run the minecraft server that does not start ; because the run command is searching for the "minecraft" folder and it is missing :/ and I don't know how to modify that.
    Will we have to rename even with the stable build ?
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    Do you get any error messages while you're in the server on the Minecraft client?
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    Rename your craftbukkit jar to craftbukkit.jar (also in your run.bat change the name to craftbukkit.jar)

    Did you change the name in the run.bat (or in the command -> screen -S minecraft java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui)?

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    I dont know coz i cant get on my server and then on my Minecraft_Server.exe, when i run it no probems but with the Start.bat it don't work and i really wan't my plugins :(
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    thats thing we use loads of plugins and this has been more stable then some of the rbs have been...
    Rbs should be milestones in code not perfection though, theres been a lot of changes in the code in the last month and a half since the 1337 RB (yeah that number happened by random to be the stable RB? lol)
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    i did that and now it's coming up with:
    Unable to access jarfile craftbukkit.jar
    Press any key to continue. . .
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    Are you using run.bat or something? If you do, could you edit it, and paste the contents here?
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    No one knows when it will be out, yet.

    Just use the latest dev build, it works well for me (don't use any spout plugins, though). I've had my server running 1503 for the last 2 days (Updating it to 1510 soon though). Not many plugins are broke.
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    Good God. Why can't you newbies learn how to batch script on your own? So many useless posts in this thread. (+1 for this post)

    That should seriously be a requirement for downloading craftbukkit. :/
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    im using #1510 and doesn't work...
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    or instead of complaining about it, you could help them and then there is one less person asking for help and one less person complaining on the forums. just sayin
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    Anyone know how reliable 1510 is? I have a bunch of mods, and I want 1.0.0 so bad, but I want all of them to work D:
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    They will most likely work. Make a backup, then try to run the dev build.
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    Outside of the mods, how stable is 1510?

    EDIT: And by backup, do you mean backup my map?
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    They tweetet that they fixed it. :D Anyways, it will be fixed with the RB for sure, so just be patient.

    It is quite stable. There are some rare NPEs which will crash the server and some things related to the End won't work as far as I know.
    By backup I mean backing up your maps and also the plugins- folder. You should do that periodically anyway. :D

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    BTW, you seem like you are an endless spout of knowledge, so I will ask you more.

    If I update to 1.0.0, will my 1.8 map spawn any more strongholds outside of the already-spawned chunks?

    And if i haven't entered the nether yet, and have no nether folder, it should create a 1.0.0 nether upon entrance, right?
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    I am not 100% sure about the first one, but I think, most likely, yes.
    Second answer: Yes. Bukkit uses the new nether- worldgenerator since the old one isn't even included anymore.
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    which stargate plugin are you talking about? wormhole extreme or the actual stargate plugin? I see drakia has been banned but I would still like this plugin to work.
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    *sigh* You're not the only one to ask this... It's the latter, Drakia's stargate plugin.
    Support for the plugin still exists, just not here anymore (as he's been banned). Maybe on BukkitDev one day...
    Look at my sig for links, or just go to and get the latest version, Stargate 0.7.1 for CB1494+ IIRC).
    I have also added the latest NoLagg (for MC1.0.0), with CB1509, and performance is outta sight :D
    RB can't be far away, the only plugin I that it breaks is Lockette (1.4.8).
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    Im guessing today or tommrow a RB ill come out.
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    No I think next Year
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