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    Hello, I am coding a Harry Potter plugin.
    Currently I am working on the wands.
    What I have: Type /wand and it gives you a wand with a random core, wood and inch.

    What I need, when you right click a stick with the display name 'Wand'
    It shoots out a firework at eye location also I need the trail to be red sparks

    If you can do this, thank's so much!


    If you're a real support, could you add in, so if it hits a player it sends that player a message 'You have been disarmed!'

    Thanks so much!
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    I tried it but failed, could someone give me the code please?
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    We don't want to spoonfeed you code here, but you don't need a lib for this.

    You will need to spawn a Firework Entity, search for more info about entity spawning, or about this specific topic since it's probably been covered already :)

    If you just want the effect and not to actually launch a firework, this can be done in 1.7 with the new detonate() method, just call it right after spawning the Firework entity.

    Since it is admittedly a little weird to build a FireworkEffect, I can also share some of my own code to point you in the right direction there:

    There's a lot of specific stuff in there about where I get the colors from, and also some randomization you could use if you wanted to. Hopefully it's enough to give you the right idea.

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