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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by CainFoool, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Ever since I started using BukkitDev immediately I have noticed plenty of bugs.
    But for now, the most annoying thing about BukkitDev is the fact that you need to wait everytime for someone to accept your file upload.

    Now fair enough, your first project file I believe should be approved, but after that, waiting for another approval is just rediculous especially if you are an Author that posts updates often.

    I for one, due to this, have only posted one version of my plugins and put the link in the description.

    I will be more than happy to change this if you get rid of plugin file approvals after your first one has been improved and download log counting.
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    I also hate the waiting for file to be approved.

    I was releasing update yesterday and told people to get it on BukkitDev but it wasn't even ready to be downloaded yet. This slows down the process for both Developpers and Server managers.

    Say someone reports me a bug, I manage to fix it quick but he can't download it until it's approved which could take more than an hour (I haven't looked at how long it took, it could be less than 1h I don't know).

    This also makes me wonder what are they actually verifying. Is it just filename? Description? Do they decompile it to see if it contains any maliscious code? If the approval process is just the name and description check for words, why not just automate it and let people report things that make it through the check. It's not that hard to match keywords from a list.

    When I upload a file, I don't necessarily want to match it to a Game Version. People could think it's only for that version. Example : I have a plugin that can use multiple yml file for localization. So some files would work on multiple version. If we can only say it's for RB XXXX, people will ask for an updated file even though they can still use the one of the prior version. If I manually increase the file version, people still on an old RB will want the older version of the file. So in the end I'm stuck uploading twice+ the same file with different version.
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  3. Duly noted. This is something that I think all Plugin Devs would like to see.

    As far as this:
    "When I upload a file, I don't necessarily want to match it to a Game Version. People could think it's only for that version. Example "

    I disagree. You can select multiple versions, and you can edit the file freely once it has been uploaded. Makes "updating" your plugins to the latest build a cinch! Just go in and update the latest file to the new RB! (ie: add it to the list) and remove the oldest one. You should be interested in supporting the last 3 RBs (like the old policy was with thread titles)

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    I gave it some thought and since the system already takes you latest upload and automatically makes it the default download on curse, I shouldn't put additional optional yml files there. I'll just put external links for that.

    Another thing, since we can set mods as "experimental", shouldn't we also be allowed to upload files as experimental and set their CB version newer than the recommended build? From what it says experimental says, it won't be placed on Curse list.

    I remember in the past some build would break a plugin and the plugin developper would suggest people to use version X instead which fixes the problem in the current recommended build (Example that comes to mind : which the RB had a bug with setvelocity). There is nothing to allow that in the current BukkitDev system and sometimes we can wait a few weeks for a new RB.
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    Every time, I update, I go to unapproved file, copy direct download link and paste it into first page. Then i delete the link, once file is approved.

    Simple solution without need for external hosting.
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    It's not a solution, it's a work-around for a very annoying process. The main point of a "Curse/BukkitDev" download button is that users will always be able to just press that download button no matter what plugin they look at, and get the latest version.
    If you have to add a link to your post for it, then during the time the file is waiting for approval the users that come to your plugin and presses the download button will get the older version. There have already been cases where users report a problem, AFTER a fix has been released. Because they used the download button as intended.
    If we have to add to a seperate download link, then we might as well just keep that download link all the time, and throw away the BukkitDev download button, because frankly it doesn't really fulfill the concept of being a button that will always get the user to the latest version.

    So the download button it there to fulfill a purpose but it just doesn't do it right, this because of the waiting time for file approval.
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    I think (If this isn't done already) you guys should make use with dropbox compatible. Then updates are as simple as drag'n'drop :)
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    Too bad you can only select three versions, some of my plugins support more than three versions due to their simplicity. specifically ┬ÁCompass which runs on any RB since RB1000
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    You could select that farthest back version it works for, then the current :)
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    I have a GitHub for all my plugins too, so I offer a GitHub download for important bug fixes/updates. I think its good idea to have a secondary hosted location.
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    That's what I currently do, still feels like a hack however.
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    What I found is that if you upload the file with the same name as a file you already own it will not take any approval time. Then after you can just edit the file and rename it.

    Hmm well it used to work when I left all of my names as my plugin (without version) but now that method doesn't work wierd. Nvm then.

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    Nope, I'm just fast.
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