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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by fredlllll, May 6, 2012.

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    Yay! I just got an early christmas present! A 3 hour wait time for a file approval!!

    To bad theres a bug in the code :p So now i gotta re-upload lol
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    Is approvement actually a word?
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  5. Just my thoughts. My file has been, and still is, delayed by about 2 and half days because of wrong sub categories.

    Because my plugin only fit in the "Economy" area, I looked at other economy plugins categories and decided to use them as an example to build my plugin submission. I was told on the second denial, that they had stricter rules now but when you have other plugins that new developers, like me, looking at existing plugins as examples you have to question is it worth having these strict rules when they are not applied to older plugins.

    To further add to this point it is not even mentioned on the bukkitdev submission page that your plugin will be denied if it has the wrong categories, or unneeded categories selected. In fact no where do you even have guidelines easily viewable the only warning is that it will be deleted if it is not your own creation. I'm saying easily viewable as In my case I completely skipped the forums and never saw this topic.

    This brings me to the point is that why even moderate the file for having a wrong categories when I can just easily after approval go edit the original categories back without it needing approval. It sounds like you might as well choose the categories yourself.

    So my suggestions are in the warning at the top add a link to this and also reword " Our administrators will be reviewing your project any minute now." to remove "any minute now" it gives a false sense of hope that your plugin will be available within the next couple of minutes. Suggested to "Our administrators will be reviewing your project soon."

    On the otherside of the story, I appreciate the work you guys do in ensuring that files are safe and secure.
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    If the project has existed for a while and has the incorrect categories, we will contact the developer. However, if its a new developer we impose more strict guidelines so they get it right the first time. If we allow them to slip through poorly categorized plugins, they may never fix it, thus only exacerbating the problem.
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    This may help with categories. Perhaps it should be linked to on the wiki/submissions page
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  9. lol768
    I was pointed to that page

    True, however when there is no linked guidelines can you blame them? They will put it in categories they think their plugins come under. And when presented with incorrect categories.

    The second denial expanded on wrong categories and said was because it looks like it should only be under economy. However I could debate that an economy system adds a Mechanic to the game as it adds the concept of money, Developer tool as it does have an api in it, Role playing as users can pretend to be "farmers" etc... and trade money for items.
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    This seems like a good section. Looks like it's protected though.
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    Numerous people have already said that it is very helpful, so I probably should... I'll do that when I get home.
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    This might help when you're able to do it.
  13. Whats the record for longest time until approval?
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    Well, I don't know when the first scam plugin was submitted, but that probably has had the longest wait-time until now.
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    No need for that. They work their hardest to approve files. Just be patient.
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    Waiting times dont bother me at all, then again im not a dev. But if its really that big of a deal can't you throw up a link to the latest build in your project description?

    I would rather know that all my plugins are 100% safe and then have the newest builds a few hours earlier.

    I dont understand why people are complaining, they are doing it for free and volunteers. If you think it takes to long then start your own project.
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    It has been a day and still not approved.. and it's pretty important...
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    If it's important PM a staff member.

    But a day isn't bad considering it's the holidays and many of the staff members are likely busy with family and such.
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    The thing is I did, one is on vacation and the other ignored me. 0.o Now i'm getting spammed with PM's and comments saying my plugin is now corrupted.. haha
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    As I often mention: If you are uploading a critical fix for a bug that's causing severe problems (not just minor errors) then report the file and explain that. We'll try to prioritize it.

    Or just harass me on IRC. That tends to work too.
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    I'm sorry if I'm missing something really obvious, but how do I do this? I can't see a report button anywhere...
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    There's a little red triangle that hovers in the bottom-right corner of most pages. Click the one on the file page to report it.
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    Perfect. Thanks very much.
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    3 hour approval time? Hah! How about 36 hours and still not approved?
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    Mine has been a bit over a day. I don't really mind. I just hope it gets approved before I go on vacation.

    EDIT: It has been approved. YAY :D. Thanks to whoever approved it!
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    I had this cool plugin submitted Sunday night, had a problem to the categories which I've fixed on the 24th and resubmitted for approval... and still waiting :(
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    Its the holidays. Many of our volunteer staff are away spending time with their families. Its to be expected that files and projects take more time than normal.
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    Yes I know, it's just unfortunate that all those firework plugins sprouted when there were none when I submitted mine.
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    Oh yeah, holidays. I think I have some of those too :)
    Hoping to see some new BukkitDev file checkers soon!
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    I appreciate all the effort going into ensuring plugin safety. However, it is quite an inconvenience for plugin authors and users, and I think it binds more resources than necessary from Bukkitdev staff.

    Have you considered some kind of system for "trusted authors", that would have their plugins automatically approved? For example, if you had at least X files approved over the last Y months, you could become a trusted author. If an auto-approved file turns out to be malicious, you lose the status forever.
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