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    Pretty much this plugin will tp two players to the arena on opposite sides, so they can fight.

    All you would have to do is /fight accept or /fight [player] back or something like this

    Possible add a config? that can add multiple locations at the same time, and player 1 and player 2 position

    If, this can be done that would be great thx
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    Dueling? I like it. It would be easy to do, as well.

    Plugin layout:
    - Admin sets up the arena with commands to set the teleport location for each player
    - Players can challenge each other with "/fight [player]"
    - Other player is notified and must accept with "/fightaccept"
    - Both players are teleported after a countdown (maybe 5 seconds)
    - Only one duel can happen in the arena at a time
    - Duel is limited in time (2 minutes?) before it is called a draw

    Sound good? I can start work as soon as you reply.
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    Great thx
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    hell ill give it a shot cause it seems to be a pretty easy plugin

    well i have almost completed it, just implementing the setlobby which ill do after school tomorrow

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    If you need help with anything or are having any problems, feel free to ask me.
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    My plugin Boxing is sorta like this, link is in my signature if you want to try it out
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    Are you done it :0
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    I started on it, but stopped to let kuntakentai finish it because he said he was almost done.
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    Mango I would love to add this on my server.
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    He's not doing it lol
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    I might do it
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    I don't think it will get done :(
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    Please come into contact with me.
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