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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Th3Dal3kMast3r, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Fight For Your Life Plugin
    Inspred by CoD and Borderlands
    When a player has half a heart, they are granted resistance 200 as well as slowness 5 for about 5 seconds (time is shown on xp bar).
    In this time, they have to kill an enemy to be revived where they died with full hunger and 6 hearts, and the effects are removed. If they don't, they die like normal.
    I think this would e awesome for any minigame/rpg server, and I sure as heck need it for my borderlands server. Thanks guys - Th3
  2. Hmm. It seems interesting, but being required to kill someone in those five seconds to survive means the attacker will receive invincibility as well, and by the time your invincibility runs out they will still have theirs. Also, the attacker can simply step backwards and be unharmed, thanks to the slowness. I am considering making this plugin as it is an interesting idea, but I have a couple modifications I'm wondering if you would be OK with (these ideas don't need to be final, I just think they improve it):

    -No slowness
    -Instead of resistance, absorption II is given, for 30 seconds
    -Plays a sound or sends a message, so the attacker actually knows what's going on
    -Large cooldown, by default two hours, or six minecraft days. Will not activate if the cooldown has not refreshed
    -Possibly has a configurable cost, in money or items
    -Timer sent in message ("30s absorption"). Level timer might be abused for experience

    The messages, sounds, cooldown, and potion length/level will be configurable, and possibly support potions of your choice in the future.
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    I meant a mob, but I guess a player would work. and it would need resistance for it to be what it is supposed to be
  4. Oh... well I'd rather not do the plugin, then... because that would come with issues.

    Edit: I realised I mistook the goal of the plugin. Sorry x_x
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