Fence Protection Will Pay $30-$50

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lethaltactics, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hey I was wondering if someone would be willing to develop a plugin for me similar to the fence protection plugin on legendary craft. here is a video. Like the one in this video not BananaRegion
    The amount will be determined by how close it is to the on in this video. First come first serve. Also You would have to do updates for it also.
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    /me views

    What's wrong with BananaProtect?

    EDIT: Oh I see, another worldguard addon.
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    se1by has been chosen and dares to take on the challenge of the code. So no more Submissions about asking
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    I find this coping you should not get some1 to create a plugin a server create your trying to copy legendarycraft
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    Um in not copying i talked to se1by in private msgsa ours is going to be better so calm down.
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    Lol dude, the are the best minecraft server and there fore you are jelous of them so u copy to try be good as them fail!
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    Ummmm, no. That's not how this works. You can copy the concept all you want, so long as the code is not identical.
    They don't suck. Clearly you don't think they suck either, as you're trying to recreate one of their custom plugins.
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    I do not copy anything.
    The protection plugin is a very nice one, but it's private.
    So should it be bad luck to other servers?
    I just make a plugin that does the same (with some improvements).
    I will develop everything by myself.
    I won't steal any code.
    Got it?
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    Woah sorry dont get why u added in :S i wasnt talking to you, i was talking to person who requested that der, sorry
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    You talked about copying a plugin.
    And I'm the dev who will make it, so I felt involved.
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    That's what i like in a person =D
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    Update it allow players to invite others into the region, allow capability to set max sizes for groups :3
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    lol this is already been finished

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