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    I wanted to make mobarena a bit more like MineZ.
    Since there aren't many MineZ plugins that are completely done (considering how many features there are in it) I made mobarena spawn a load of zombies, the only problems are their speed and how far away they can see you from. If someone can make this happen, and have configurable settings in a config.yml, that would be great. Even make it for all mobs if possible. PLEASE, and I'm begging here, make it PER WORLD! I have a whole world dedicated to my mobarena, I really want the zombies only in that world to have special features! As I previously stated, I use mobarena, so I would like it to not conflict with that plugin, just simply add special features to mobs in certain worlds.

    Here's a description of what I'd like the config to be like


    - [worldname]

    - [Mob]ViewDistance: [block number?]
    - [Mob]Speed: [blocks per second?]
    - [Mob]Strength: [multiplier of original strength]


    What I mean by the strength, is I want it to multiply
    the original attack strength by the number you put in there.
    If you put a 5 in, the mob hits 5 times as hard.

    Obviously passive mobs don't really need to be incorporated
    into this plugin.


    An example:


    - Mobarena

    - ZombieSpeed: 5
    - ZombieStrength: 2
    - ZombieViewDistance: 30
    - ZombiepigmanSpeed: 3
    - ZombiepigmanStrength: 5
    - ZombiepigmanViewDistance: 20


    Nothing too special.

    /cm [mob] speed [number]
    /cm [mob] sight [number]
    /cm [mob] strength [number]

    Thanks for considering this!
    It would mean a lot if someone made it for me.

    If you have questions about anything that I didn't make understandable, please tell me :)
  2. I'm experimenting with this and while manipulating the viewing distance works (still a bit glitchy) it seems like you can't set the speed, at least not for all mob types (just tested with zombie pigman for now).
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    They did for MineZ which is a plugin.
    It's doable, I just don't know how.

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