Fast Approval (Praise)

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by LandonTheGeek, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Hello BukkitDev and Staff.

    I am here to give the team quite a thank you for approval times over the past while. Things have been going to through the system quite nicely, and a lot faster than before. I used to wait for around 2 days, and now it is usually below 12 hours. :)

    Well done BukkitDev, sorry I could get into more detail. Thank you!
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    Someone noticed! Yay :D

    Our pleasure :)
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    Approval times really have been excellent lately.

    Thanks from me too, BukkitDev team!
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    Yeah, I feel as though they deserve more support then some people give them. D:
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    I'm curious though. Since everyone is waiting for a 1.7 build, wouldn't that mean less new files being uploaded? I have no way of knowing if the same amount of files are being submitted as before 1.7 was released.
  6. Hurray for the bukkitdev staff!
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    Totally agreed! Awesome job, BukkitDev staff. I only waited three hours for my plugin to be reviewed. I'm thoroughly impressed, and awesome job to each and every one of you!
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    I have no clue. :p That is one for a staff member. I guess it is really up to the people that choose to update before the release. Haha
  9. Anyone else notice something weird in this sentence?
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    Woops :p Supposed to be hours.
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    Thanks! I've been working hard lately to approve faster!

    'Gratz DBO staff. Not just for approval time. Community support, feedback, plugins, helping us deal with TnT, mak ng DBO possible, and the great time you just give us. It doesn't go unnoticed, your service makes my day :)
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