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    Is there a compiled (possibly up-to-date/working with the new version of bukkit) version of any plugin like the one described in this thread available?
  2. No

    I've been checking often, trust me ;D

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    Well, me and YoshiGenius collaborated, and it's done.

    I will post a link here when I get on my computer.
  4. Awesome :D
  5. -_Husky_- I'm trying to learn how to write plugins that can modify blocks sent and fake them just like this one will, how exactly do you make the client see something thats not actually there? ? ? =/ any help would be appreciated, I'm hoping to make a plugin that changes certain blocks near our spawn to look like a locked chest, which would usually just decay when placed, but using this method I think I can make the client see them without them being there, and they won't decay, would solve the problem many people have tried to solve, in stopping them from decaying, as that event can't currently be canceled.
  6. *Shameful bump*
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    Please release it!
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    It is? xD Didn't realise. Can you send it to me please? hehe..
  9. *Another shameful bump*
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    Will finish this today, it's fairly basic.

    Will release source code too.
  11. Thanks ^.^
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    15 days ago you said it was done... Now you're saying it's not finished again?

    I'm confused :S
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    That variabletriggers plugin looks freaking awesome!!!
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    Don't mean to rush you, but is it done yet? Would love to use this on my server!
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    I'd love to see this plugin out it is essential to my server!
    If I could get your copy that'd be even better as I know for sure how well it works
  17. any progress on debugging?
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    This. Would be really usefull.
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    This is no plugin, but a way to make invisible walls that are not passable, solid, and obviously invisible. It was an idea made by Sethbling. Might be a good idea to take a look at.
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    Basically I need the opposite. I want a wall to show to players with out the permission, but the wall needs to be able to let a player walk through if he has the permission. Ex: Donors.
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    Working on this now, It's not sending the client the packets though, I dunno why.. :/
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    Why are you using packets -_Husky_-? There is a built in player.sendBlock function that does it for you :eek:
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    I am using that, and it's not sending the fake block packet. (That's all the method does)
  24. DoWant.

    Will be watching this thread like a hawk.
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    What happens if a non-donator (player without permission to walk through the block) stands on the the fake blocks? Will they stand on it normally? and will something like NoCheat+ think they're flying because the blocks aren't actually there?
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    Not sure, Will be interesting to see!
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    What are the permissions, commands, and how do you set a fake wall?
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    Thats all on the bukkitdev.
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    Oh god, its coords? Can you make it like compadible with worldedit ALSO?

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