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  1. OK so I'm not quite sure how this is done, but on kuleland (kuledud3's public minecraft server) there is a "donator wall" which is a stone brick wall that is unpassable for normal users, but a donator can walk right throuhg it as if it is not there. I want this soooo badly xD but BR3TON is not going to give away his secrets, so I was wondering if anyone would possibly consider creating a plugin to do this? with permissions and an easy was of defining the wall (for example using world edit) thanks :) lemme know how this can be done, or if your planning on doing this
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    whoa there, so there is no teleporting, they can just walk straight through? Anyone know how to set this up

    -I realise this is not quite requesting a plugin
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    I dont think its possible.
    Wouldnt you have to create a new non-solid block?
    As far as i know from reading the requests its not possible to create a new block.

    But using variabletriggers to instantly port on the other side feels quite the same...
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    You could send block changes to only the players that don't have permission to go through the wall.
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    Why not VT?

    Just set up a script that defines players of a special group (lets say "member") as number 1 players and everytime a player would set off a walking trigger the plugin would kind of say "If player is 1 TP to location".
    I think you can do that very easy with VT.
  7. As far as I am aware the blocks seem to be passable, at least from my point of view, they look like they are solid, but donators can just walk straight through them. I really want this and still havn't found a way. If you want to see what im talking about in action go look at it on kuledud3s server, in the games area. Its amazing that it can be done, but frustrating that I can't find a way!

    Yea, no teleporting, and they have a citizens npc (with Harry Potters skin) running through it all the time =/

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    I will make this for anyone interested.

    (I have half of it already)
  9. That would be amazing, thankyou :) diamonds to you
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    Would you mind dropping me a copy also please?:D
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    It will be public and open source :)
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    Sadvhsadgadfgrwthsrth beautiful! As ideas go, this is one of the most interesting (and possible!) I have so many ideas for ways to implement this, the potential is endless...

    Will you make it so that it is any block that can be walked through, for example blocks below you?

    This would be a very OP command to anyone that players a raiding server!xD I am sure you will have great fun writing a config ;)
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    It will be a barebones release to start off, with what I feel is necessary for the plugin, then after that I can add more advanced things!

    For all interested, the GitHub repo is now online!

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  15. You are amazing <3 :)

    I have two things I would like to point out ahead of time, as I am sure they could be problems. firstly, nocheat conflicts, as it blocks players moving through solid blocks. could this be a problem? and secondly I have found I get stuck in the wall on kuledud3's server, and can't get out again, maby if they cant enter but are in the blocks of the wall have a teleport function as a safety net? anyway thankyou! :)

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    It's fine, the way I am doing it will work without issue. :)
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    Got majorly distracted, sorry, lol. I am still doing this but there may be some delay, I have a few other things IRL.
  18. If it's exams, I have them too :p If not, It still doesn't matter, I just wanted to find out what was happening :p I've looked at the code and I dont get how it works, otherwise I would have tried to finish it myself, how do you fake blocks? 0_o
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    Is everyone really confused with this? It's in worldguard xD
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    What you do is send a fake block to players without a permission.
    Line 9-17

    if(!s.hasPermission("fakeblock.user")) {
    This checks if players do not have the permission, as there is a ! At the front.
    If they dont, it sends a their client a block change (this is the part i need to finish) but in our case will send a whole wall.
  21. What do you mean it's in world guard? Its definatly not, Your thinking of the entry flag, thats not what this is.
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    Ahh, I needed to re-read it. I missed the "stone brick" portion of the text.
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    what's the ip of kuledud3's server?
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    I'm the creator of the plugin. If there is enough interest, I might publicly release it.
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    Please do! :p

    I'm interested in using it on my server. Brilliant idea.
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    I'm highly interested, I didn't think a plugin like this would be feasible until I noticed this thread. It's actually a great idea, hope you decide to release it!
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  28. please do >.< I have tried and failed way too many times!

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