Failed to handle packet: java.lang.arrayindexoutofboundsexception

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Arthe, Apr 2, 2012.

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    When I warp to the spawn point on my server to welcome new players I get kicked out of the game whit the error "Internal Server error"
    The console error says:
    The error show up at the bottom of that server log, just posted it all in case it helps.

    Only way I fix it is to use the console and teleport myself somewhere else. So this seem to only be a problem at the spawn point of my world.

    Been reading other posts about this, but either there is no comment or there is no fix.
    Tried to delete all user files, both from world and all plugins without any luck.
    Checked and deleted the motd.txt also whit no results. Disabled all plugins with no luck.

    Edit: It is for sure some map error, thou I used chunkster once already. When I get somewhat close to the spawn area, it kicks me out. Im totally clueless to what the problem might be :S.
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    I am also having this problem on my server
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    Pretty much tried everything beside removing that region now.
    Moved spawn - Deleted entities using wordeditor, chunkster and region-fixer - Regenerated blocks in the area with worldeditor - Updated Java - Removed all inactive player files (and their spawns) - Removed all player files
    And a couple more things I cant think of atm. But Im still getting the same exact error

    Found a "fix"
    I deleted the spawn area, and everything in a 100x100 area using map editor.
    Just mark, select chunks and cut.
    Then paste the area somewhere (I used the ocean)

    It aint ideal, but it works. As Im posting this Im about to test if I can move my selection back to where it was.

    Im guessing its a file or map error of some sort, so might be easier/better solutions.

    That worked
    1. Cut the corrupted area
    2. Paste it somewhere you got room for it
    3. Save the changes, load the map on your server with the "fix" to check if the problem is solved.
    4. Using map edit again, cut the previously moved area and paste it back where it used to be

    There is some slight deformations on my map due to the selections not being 100% the same.
    Hope this helps people having the same problem

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