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    Plugin category: Fun/Roleplaying/Anti-Grief

    Suggested name: Factions Control Points

    What I want: One thing I can't seem to find, and I'm sure isn't present in Factions itself, is the ability to make certain blocks increase a faction's maximum power. There's already a mod for making mob armies in Factions, so I figure hard working loners should be able to have a way to equal up to large player forces.

    I'm thinking something difficult to find materials for, and maybe having a distance-based limit (only one of these blocks per chunk?) to make it preferable to recruit more players. And if you wanted to cripple a faction's power, you could target this block and destroy it.

    Ideas for commands: /fc setpoint to activate a valid control point block.
    /fc unsetpoint for deactivation of the block without breaking it

    Ideas for permissions: fc.setpoint for the ability to activate and deactivate points.

    When I'd like it by: No rush for me, but I think many Factions users might enjoy this.

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