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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LeCastlecrafter, Aug 22, 2015.

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    @ZP18 Alright, good points. Ok, so I changed the description. With /f chat everyone in the faction is basically going to receive the message, however if you use /f mute you will only receive a message if the admin uses /f broadcast. Sound ok now? And yes I couldn't agree more now that I think about it. /f near could check a within a block radius, though I'm not sure what you think would be the best radius. 250 blocks maybe, or is it done in ticks?
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    It is done in blocks not ticks, I reckon a 500 block radius
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    @ZP18 Sorry, wasn't sure. Yeah, players usually spread out a lot. 500 blocks will work fantastic!
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    With the /f near factions listed in green are online, factions listed in red are offline.
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    @ZP18 Ticks are relative to time. I'm so dumb, wow. And awesome, great feature!
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    @ZP18, could you just make the command /faction please? znf is hard to remember, or you could just make the short /f.
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    I didn't want to copy Factions, is /nf alright?
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    That plugin is the closest thing to this idea, but it certainly isn't the same.

    Nf works for me. Not sure how Keubix feels about it.

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    Very interested in this plugin. Let me know how it turns out!
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    this is very fancy and will probably take the hold of factions out of massive's hands :p
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    Thanks so much man! Be sure to check things out in a few weeks when I get my server going. I'm still picking a name, but the server is pretty much done. I'm just waiting on the plugin from @ZP18. @ZP18 will also be using the plugin on his server, just not exactly the same way I plan to.
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    That would be cool!
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