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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blooo, Apr 26, 2017.

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    I was told to come here and post this idea by a friend of mine. I remember using this command frequently during the older days of World Edit. This is a very interesting idea as many hacked clients seem to be able to implement it in a jar file that can be client-side. Obviously these clients aren't allowed on most anti-cheat servers although it proves that the idea could definitely be made into a server-side plugin with permission based toggle commands.
    Plugin category:
    General / Mechanics / Developer Tools / Admin Tools

    Minecraft version: 1.11.2 (latest)

    Suggested name: ExtendedReach v2

    What I want: ExtendedReach would offer users with the permission node extendedreach.* which is the ability to place or destroy blocks from a larger distance than the normal 4 block length. This is ideal for building in a multiplayer and should be a toggleable command.

    Ideas for commands: /reach (similar to the old World Edit), or /reach x (x being the length you are able to reach, maybe configurable and able to set a max limit?)

    Ideas for permissions: -

    When I'd like it by: End of May.
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    I'll look into what would be necessary to code this; if it hasn't been coded up by the time I understand how to make it I'll code it up for you ;)
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    There's actually no due time, I'd just like to have it before May so I could use it as soon as possible.
    If you have updates, that'd be bloody fantastic.
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    I never used reach from world edit, it instabreaks breaks right?

    I've started on coding this, I don't have as much free time as I'd like today; it should be done within the next few day.

    EDIT: just realized I should merged posts x.x

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    /reach just extends the player's reach capability. For example, /reach 50 would allow you to break/place/use blocks 50 blocks away. Thank you so much. I've read the rules that paying someone isn't allowed? My understanding is that asking to pay isn't allowed, but I'm not quite sure how you go about offering payment.

    I'd like some clarification on that too ^^ I don't mean to be breaking rules.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Blooo You are not allowed to offer or ask for money. Would be preferred if it was not discussed at all.
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    Good to know, thanks.

    @WALRENT Are you still willing to make this? Just out of curiousity.
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