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  1. Hello!

    I am requesting what I think wuld be a very neat bundle of plugins!

    Plugin category: Prison/pickaxes

    Suggested name: Bundle, see title.

    What I want:I am requesting what I think would be a very neat plugin.

    Invincible picks would go great with my brand new server, and I cant seem to find a good plugin for this. (Make sure this would be compatible with timtheenchanter and the explosive plugin )

    Explosive would be like an... enchantment. It would almost be like nuker. It would blow up blocks around the ones you mine, and go STRAIGHT into your inventory. NOT on the ground. This is to prevent lag. This would be VERY neat.

    Lastly, I am requesting something that allows you to fortune anything. For example, your fortune would affect a diamond block, or something that is normally not allowed to be fortuned.

    Ideas for commands: No commands for first one. /expl add [amount of expl]. For the last one, maybe a basic command such as /addblock to a list of fortune-able blocks in the config.

    Ideas for permissions: Whatever you think is good :)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime this week :)

    All these plugins separate would also work. It doesnt have to be one plugin. xD



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