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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Roadkill909, Feb 17, 2012.

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    I'm not entirely sure how "experimental" status works, and the reasons why developers should choose it. Most importantly, do I have to resubmit to upload new files? Do experimental plugins have longer approval waits?

    I find the status appropriate for my plugin, as it will change drastically over the next month, and overall it will have a great bit added to it when I bring it out of Beta. While in Beta it doesn't support backwards compatibility of user created data, which is why I opted to put it in the experimental status, so users get adequate warning with the big red banner, which I like being there.

    However, I'm just concerned that experimental status may mean more than a big red banner and possible unapproval during resubmission, neither of which concern me. The little documentation I could find on the status in my very light search said that experimental status is recommended for developers who have not started or just started coding. Since I'm over 5,000 lines of code in, and the idea is already for the most part fleshed out, I'm reconsidering after reading that if I should change the status of my plugin.
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    If you feel that the project is going to change a great deal before you can say it's stable and functioning as you like, you should keep in in Experimental. Experimental projects don't have longer wait times or anything, and you can request a change to Normal at any time.
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    Thanks good to know.
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    I'll bring this thread back from the dead for a quick question. What does "waiting for project" mean? I was told it means your project hasn't been approved, but mine has.

    Either I'm the victim of a bug, am causing the review process to be longer, still misunderstand how experimental status works, or the normal approval queue has reached 3+ days. This has happened to me before. If the approval queue has reached 3+ days, sorry for my impatience. I just have members asking for the latest version, I have to tell them my hands are tied, as I'm powerless to get it to them.

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    pyraetos, I hate to continue to bother ya'll about this, but it's been a good few days and I haven't been answered, and my file has gone a week without approval. I'm starting to think it's a bug, or an error on my part.
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    Waiting on project means that the project has to be moved to it's normal state (or has to be approved experimental, if you are just submitting one) before that file is submitted to the queue for review. Looking through the queue, I do not see your project awaiting anything here, so if has not already been solved just delete that file, change something in the code (so that the MD5 is changed) and then reupload.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Or just add a random blank line to the plugin.yml? :p
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    Or that :)
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    Uploaded new version. Tried both suggestions. Hope they work.

    Would there be any issues if an executable .jar comes in the .zip?
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    As long as it's not malicious :p
    But do remember, BukkitDev is for hosting plugins, I don't know what your jar would do but as long as it's not some server tool but something that actually assists your users in using your plugin or something it should be fine.
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    My plugin has an optional feature (powers) that has a lot of options. The file system is a little too complex for a config, text file, or in-game method. Instead I used Java Swing to make a standalone application to edit the file's contents. It can only be used for my plugin.

    I also think I completely missed your point here.

    If I read this correctly this time, did you mean to say that if the plugin is approved experimental, you can't keep resubmitting update files. It has to be approved for normal state (non-experimental) in order for more files to be approved. As of right now, my latest file is also "waiting on project".

    Edit: I'll just submit it for normal status. Wanted it to syndicate to curse
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