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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by r0u9hneck, May 17, 2011.

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    Hey! Sorry if I missed something, but I couldn't find a matching result using the search function.
    First, my server infos:
    Dual Core 2gHz
    3gb of ram.
    16k DSL connection (Actually a little more. 17542 kBit/s down- and 1147 kBit/s upstream.)
    Windows Server 2003 x86
    NO hamachi.
    Bukkit (latest version)
    A few plugins (Cant be the problem. Tried without Plugins already)

    So my problem is:
    External connections get a huge delay, or lag at all. Its noticable when trying to chat, break blocks or opening doors. Right after logging in there is no lag for the first few seconds. If they stay still and wait some minutes they can chat and break some blocks without a delay but after a short period of time the lag returns, especially when moving. And it's already lagging with one external connection / 1 Player (+ me from a internal connection).

    The server's RAM usage seems to be fine. CPU usage, too.

    What I already tried but giving no result:
    - Running the server without plugins
    - adding port forward (25565 UDP, already had TCP cause else no1 could connect)
    - turned off firewall + mcafee antivir

    There was no lag when the server was running on my notebook (2,4GHz QuadCore, Win7 x64 + x64 Java version, 4GB of RAM). And we were using hamachi (thats why I came up with the port forwarding since I forwarded the hamachi ports. I guess the ports were switched to the hamachi ports since the IP-packages were send through hamachi then. And since I had hamachi's ports forwarded I think it could be something related to that. Btw there was no lag with 4 external connections / players + me)

    Everything I did since then was:
    - Swapping to my server machine (and edited the port forwards to match the servers IP)
    - Installed XAMPP (Apache and MySQL running for a Website and some plugins)
    - added a few plugins and setting some up for MySQL (but I can ignore that cuz I already tried removing all plugins)

    Im not sure, since im logging in from my local network, but I think when I switchted to the server machine there was no lag. At least no1 told me there was.

    Any suggestions? Is there a tool to watch used ports?
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    Are you in your own server when this happens? Because my CPU (Quad Core 3.2Ghz) goes from 20% to 100% when I join. (local server)
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    Nope. I was at a friends home because he wanted to show me the lag. First I thought it was his crappy notebook but it runs well on mine usually. When I was at his place I had lag too. So me online or not doesn't affect other players.

    Bump.. any suggestions?
    Btw figured out it's not about the ports.
    Used netstat -a.. well only connection from my friends goes in 25565 TCP.
    Well.. found something interesting. When a external player sends a message the message almost instalty appears on the server cmd window. But it takes a long time to show up on his screen. So the lag is somewhere from my Server to his client. not on the opposite direction.
    in addition I noticed loading the map increases the lag. but when the client is done loading the ping goes down.

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    maybe it could be your internet speed?? Not sure what your connection description means...
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    Well.. it just a private connection, thats correct, but it's enough for a few players.
    It's 16mbit/s if Im not mistaken. And webhosting servers usually have 100mbit/s, at least for bigger online games like Lineage 2.
    But it should be fine for minecraft.
    Btw I solved the problem. Well.. sort of. It's something about the server machine. I've noticed it could only allocate 1g for bukkit. My notebook could use 3g and now it works well.
    Getting a root server soon so this wont be a big problem anymore.
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    I appear to be having a similar issue, except that it's only when I login to my own server. That causes it to lag a lot, which is strange since for the past few months I haven't had a problem like this at all. The server is the same computer I play on, but that wasn't a problem before. Oddly enough, when I am not in the server, there isn't really much lag at all. If people care, I'll post my computer and server details.
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