Exp/Damage readout?

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    Not really a request, just want to know if this is possible and what it would require (spout and whatnot).

    Number popups around a character/target when damage is dealt or xp is given.
    Like '+24 XP' in green

    Or '-24' in red for damage.
    Like in WoW or many other mmo rpg's

    Also could this work with Heroes? Since the hero dev team wont add this

    I've done some searching but haven't found anything. If someone has, a link is appreciated.
  2. I saw a plugin on the forums where it tells you that you gained like XP each time you kill a mob, Btw it shows it on the top right or left i forgot.You should visit the Spout forums.
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    I know of MobHealth and HealthBar, but I would also like to see it when you mine blocks, like the +(whatever)Exp pops out.
    Had a look around the Spout forums, only found MobHealth :\
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    Since this isn't a request, let me answer this. Yes this is quite possible, and fairly easy ( im new to making my own plugins with java and all that ) so i can't make one for you yet, you could talk to a plugin RPG dev perhaps? Also mcmmo kinda does this yet not to the extent you are looking for.
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    I could make one without spout or anything else & it would be generally easy
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    Steam Engines

    If you do/can make it, I would also be interested in this plugin :3
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    This wouldn't be a 2 hour job so I can't just do it for 2 people.... Ill consider

    Oh I just realised pop-ups I thought you meant in chat. I could do it in chat but not popups

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    Steam Engines

    awwwww :(

    So is anyone making this???

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    Anyone see interest in this?
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    You'll probably have better luck posting on the Spout forums. After all, this will certainly require Spout (unless you want a chat read-out).
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    Couldn't sign up on the Spout forums. If anyone here can do this, please PM me.
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    Anyone here able to do this?
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    RPGEssentials does this and tonnes more! Search it on BukkitDev... :p
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    I know RPGEssentials does this, just looking for a standalone plugin that can do this. I have searched for a while but came up with nothing
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    Anyone able to create this for the community and myself? :\
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    I have spare time so I could now do chat readout? Im sorry if you don't want me :p
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    MobHealth is compatible with SimpleNotice (client mod) which adds a top left readout for damage. If you also use controlorble, it has too has SimpleNotice support for exp gained.
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    Thank you UltraFaceguy
    I will try those combinations out.

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