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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by NeonJ, Oct 3, 2011.

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    How about a mod where the EXP orbs dropped from mobs add to your iConomy balance instead of your EXP bar? That would be neat.

    You'd also have to make it so that you don't drop EXP on death or something (Or perhaps drop 10% of your cash on death, as EXP orbs?)
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    Great request! This should be made.
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    Indeed it should. So, I shall wait.

    Hey, I just realised something.
    1. This means you can steal money from people on the server via PvP
    2. This means that server banking systems are essential - and my server already has one! :D
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    This sounds cool and can be done!
    if no one makes it after a while i will give it a try
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    Yeah. Why not try it now? :p
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    Because he leaves the house for social interacting?
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    I don't know about this, guys. Last I checked, the PlayerListener doesn't have support for picking up experience orbs. You'd have to write something that listens for it in the vanilla parts of bukkit.
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    you, I was also searching for that.
    maybe you can run a getExperience on every playerMove event?
    and then if it is not null add the amount to iconomy and set it back to nul?
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    I guess that might work..

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