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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EssentialsTeam, Jul 13, 2011.

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    The essentials team needs your help.

    Essentials has already matured to one of the most used plugins of bukkit, but the development has slowed down lately because everyone is busy in normal life. So we are looking for new developers that help us to catch up with the list of feature request that we have.

    So what are we looking for?
    Well, you should have some skills in java and you should have some time on hand.

    You can either help out by forking essentials at github, implementing one of the feature requests from our ticket system and then make a pull request. We will then review the code and merge it.

    Or you can join the team and get involved with everything. Then you should join our chat #essentials at and ask snowleo or ementalo. You'll have access to our github and the build server then.

    We are always looking for testers and support users. Just idle in our chat, try out our dev builds, report bugs and help others with their problems.

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    I would love to help out with the Essentials if you are willing to accept me! I have 14 years of experience with Java programming... I am already talked to Joey, and started helping him out. add me on skype if you want to talk...
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    It sounds interesting but I'm busy because of other things (work, my own plugin, CS:S, ...), too
    I think I'm good in Java so I may could help you (ok, there were not so much years with Java, maybe 3 years and some months...)
  4. excellent, best thing is to join IRC as that is where we hang out the most. Read the readme on github for info about code formatting etc
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    I would love to join the Essentials Team, I have a few ideas for plugins that are too small to become their own plugin.
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    there is a problem:
    I work every day till 4 or 5 pm and... well... I'm living in Germany
    that means there is a time difference of 5 to 9 hours
    there is maybe enough time to chat at the weekends
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    That is not a problem, we are from UK and Germany.
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    Hi, I would love to join. I am not a pro but my skills are decent enough to make stuff which is not too overly complicated =D
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    a Question how many German are you(iam a German too)
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    Hi !
    I'm french and i can translate anything you want into my mother tongue. I'm very good in french (has you know it's a difficult language where you can make many mistake during writing, and i don't. Otherwise i have skype. Tell me :)
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    I may be able to help out, I am pretty new to the world of Bukkit developing but I can try to help out. I am 17 and I would like to help out the feature requests. Thank you, if you need to contact me just start a conversation! Thank you!
  12. *Looks at last reply date*
    I'm pretty sure they're still searching after nearly a half a year without any reply.
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    Oh gosh, I've only looked at the most recent reply, I didn't check the OP date, my mistake.
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