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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XxJJGAMERxX, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Hiya Guys, So basicly i will be starting a server up with my friend soon and i was sorting everything out for it today. I Have Made Some More Group Manager Groups VIP, Co-Owner,Member And Survivor.
    Its all fine with the prefix ect but when i go to do the permissions in the global groups files my groups that i made aint there. Could you please help me with this! Thanks! :)

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    Hey there, if you go plugins -> GroupManager -> worlds -> (then select your world) -> then open groups.yml. Then you will need to add the group here and set the permissions etc. You can then assign certain players to be in the groups you created in the users.yml file in the same folder. Does that help?
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    Like he said, sorry I read another thread and then wrongly answered to this.
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    check out the links in my signature for the GM tutorial.
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    Cheers Mate! That Really Helped! The Only One That Dident Help Was Necrodoom.
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    you really are that idiot to not read the wiki BEFORE trying to use the plugin itself?
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    He is still helping you. You are being very rude. Spell Correctly also.
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