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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MacMasterMac, Apr 22, 2016.

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    On a server there was a command /ci {item}. I tried this too on my own server, sadly it did not work. I hope this is fixable in the config file from Essentials?
    Or it is a custom plugin... I'm not sure but it looks like Essentials...

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    clearinventory ci, clean, clearinvent
    Clear a players inventory.
    /<command> [player]
    /<command> <player> [item[:<data>]|*|**] [amount]

    Allows you to clear your own or another player's inventory.
    When used from the console you must provide a player name.

    This command can also be used to remove all of a matching item from players inventories.

    You can use the ** argument to clear both player inventory and armour slots.

    essentials.clearinventory - Allow access to the /clearinventory command.
    essentials.clearinventory.others - Allows you to clear other player's inventory
    essentials.clearinventory.all - Allows a player to clear all players inventories.
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    It is from the Essentials plugin.
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    But how to do just example: /ci stone and not /ci Name stone?
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