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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by swaggod, Jan 15, 2017.

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    So In this plugin I have to select a area with worldedit wand so some chests can spawn randomly there. In those chest there is random chance to get items. NOTE: When we type "/envoy add <Envoy name>" then a gui open and I can put anything I want in there and those items can be in the chests that spawns randomly and in those chests you can only get 1 to 3 items in 1 chests. chests can only spawn on surface. When you open the chest then the chest get removed and you get the items then firework goes off. I can customize how often the Envoy starts in config. Also I can make an item for an envoy that I can give to people so they can start the envoy anytime they want Item and Item have custom name too.

    - /Envoy create <Envoy name> (to create the envoy with worldedit wand)
    - /Envoy start <Envoy name> (to start the envoy) (permission for this is envoy.start)
    - /Envoy time (to see how much time left for all the envoys to start) (no permission needed)
    - /Envoy add <Envoy name> (to add items to envoy) (permission for this is envoy.add)
    - /Envoy giveitem <player> <Envoy name> (to give the Envoy start item to a player) NOTE: different Envoy have different items.
    - /Envoy createitem <Envoy name> <itemid> <custom name for that item> (to create an item for Envoy and when someone right click the item then it says it in the chat that <player> started the Envoy!)

    when the envoy starts it shows in the chat like "&6<Envoy name> &aEnvoy starts in 3-2-1 etc." Envoy don't say there forever the chest despawn in 5min and if someone got a chest then it says inthe chat "<player> got an Envoy chest and there is <amount of chest> left."

    1.10 plugin
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    ability to create different Envoys with different names and don't have different Flares.
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    Ask the plugin creator to update and add that.
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