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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TwistedMexi, Nov 12, 2012.

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    I'm probably overlooking something severely stupid, but it's my first attempt at working on CraftBukkit. I've forked it and tried importing into eclipse, but I have a lot of errors and about 800 warnings. I've tried gathering what I could from maven tutorials but I'm overlooking something I'm sure.

    Can anyone give me a simple run-down for setting up a test environment?

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    Test for what?
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    Pull Requests... like open up the craftbukkit source for changes/compiling/testing.
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    Tutorial for compiling with Maven, using CB as an example
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    Thanks for posting that again:) , I actually used that to get to where I am now, I saw you'd posted it in another thread. The thing is, it creates the CraftBukkit and Bukkit jars, but I'm not clear on where I go from there? I guessed adding them as a reference, but there's still 600 some warnings and a few hundred errors - which leads me to believe I've done it wrong.

    Ignore me, I'm ridiculous. Was overlooking the fact I needed m2e to import properly.

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