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    I am a Co-Owner of a server that me and my friend run. I was wondering if I could get a Enjin voting Script made for my website. I know there are a lot out there, but there is a certain looking one that has got my attention.

    Our Enjin Website is www.legacy-craftpvp.enjin.com, I am currently at the stage of upgrading our forum to premium and receiving a custom domain address.

    I would like it if someone would code it for me that has a similar style to the one on www.obsidiancraft.com.

    If this is possible, please PM me or reply to my thread, letting me know if it is possible. And then I will PM you my skype details to further discuss the plugin.


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    Have you looked at votifier and/or searched "voting" on bukkitdev?
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    We have votifier, but the design/layout is pretty terrible. How the way it works is of high standards.
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    You're asking for a PHP script, not a plugin. Basically, you want the little "box" where you type your name, and it auto-fills in the voting sites, correct? You can still use Votifier to verify the votes.
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    Can you change the font i can't read.
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    Who could make a php script?
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    Yes, that is correct. I am sorry for the confusion. Kind of getting used to this stuff.
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    This is probably not the right place to post it, although you might end up getting lucky. But you'll find that most people enjoy charging money for it, for some reason. I don't think there is a single public version that you can use.
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    How much does one charge for it to be made? Estimate?
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    Umm... Well, there was this annoying (sorry) person on the Enjin forums named Will. He constantly advertised his script. I think it was around $35. Eventually, Enjin made a new rule about voting script advertising.
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    That isn't too bad, depending on the style I guess.
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    Not really. But considering that the only thing you're paying for is the PHP script using cookies, it's kind of a rip-off.

    I've just created buttons that link to each site. The user has to type in their username each time they vote, yes, but I'm not at a point where it deters people from voting.

    The most important thing about getting people to vote are the rewards, not whether they have to type in their name each time they vote..
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    Yeah, our reward is in-game cash at the moment. But appearance also plays into it.

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