Problem/Bug Enderchest, Signs and Villagers bug |1.8 Server|

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Protom1234, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Hey there,

    I have recently updated my server to 1.8. Which means of course most things will brake. I've fixed the bugs that I had before and right now have I have another with enderchests and signs, even Villagers.

    When people try to click sign commands set by the plugin ServerSigns, it sometimes lets them use the signs but sometimes blocks them too. Why is this, like it is alittle annoying for players having to wait.

    Sometimes people can't open enderchests. Which is really annoying. I don't know if this is a 1.8 bug but it's really annoying. Do I need to update something?

    Villagers (Shopkeepers plugin)
    In the villagers I have set items. I think I've figured this one as it was the HolographicDisplays plugin that was bugging this. (When a hologram is above a villager) But I could be wrong and it could be something else?

    Maybe they all lead into the same bug but I'm not sure! Please help me, really need this fixing.

    [EDIT] I removed EssentialsAntiBuild and it stayed the same as before removing it for 5 minutes, and now they cannot open them at all.
    [EDIT]: OP'ed players can open Enderchests
    [EDIT]: People can't use this either:


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    For the signs, try switching to another plugin, as that one may be outdated. 1.8 API is different from the 1.7 API causing plugins made for 1.7.x incompatible with 1.8 servers. If you are using WorldGuard make sure you have allowed players to use enderchests in the config.yml for that plugin. And the Holographic Displays plugin has been very buggy recently on 1.8 so I'd try switching to an alternative plugin or disabling it until a stable version comes out.
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    Thank you. I've managed to fix the bugs.
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    I had the same problem with the signs! I still don't know what's wrong? @shades161 and @Protom1234 since you seem like you probably know do you know a way I can keep server signs and have it work with 1.8?
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    @Jocky789 I would just switch to a different plugin. For the most part, there's always like 5+ plugins that do the same thing.
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    Alright! Do you know any names of the plugins that do that? I tried CommandSigns, they don't work either :/ so if you know of a plugin please tell me! @shades161
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    @Jocky789 It was a Spawn Protection Size for 1.8 that kept players from doing this.
    Try removing it or setting it to 0.
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    Ok so where is Spawn Protection located in my files? @Protom1234
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    In Server Properties. It'll say spawn-protection-size: 16 - This number is default.
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    Ok thanks! last thing, should I just remove the 16 or remove the whole spawn-protection? @Protom1234
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    @shades161 What do I enable to Use the Enderchest? (WorldGuard)
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    im just saying, idk if u solved this, but make sure holograms arent covering anything
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