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    Many server (smp) players find it difficult to find elytra, shulker boxes considering that others have emptied the end cities. Someone may also want their own proof of having killed the dragon, the dragon egg.

    Is it possible to make the ender dragon to drop items on top of the bedrock portal (or in the inventory to the player who killed the ender dragon, or in a chest nearby) after death (everytime after being killed):
    - 1x dragon egg,
    - 1x elytra
    - 1x dragon head
    With a nice purple particle where the items will be spawned, after the dragon's death?

    Had been nice with a cooling down of 1hour that can be seen in a boss bar on all players who are in the end (for example: 47min till dragon can be spawned).

    Version: 1.17.1+ JAVA
    Command: DragonDrop - Drop - DragonEgg/DragonHead/Elytra/ - True/False (Do want the options to for example remove elytra but still keep rest of the other items, to be a dragon drop)
    Name: Dragon Drop
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    Cant make it work in 1.17.1.

    Should't plugins made for 1.17.1 work with 1.18 and 1.19? Saw it was made for 1.18, thats why im saying. Our server is current on 1.17.1 and waiting for 1.19 update, so I cant test it for time being. Might drop a video bellow?

    Is this with a bossbar count down? Couldnt get it to work either in 1.17.1

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