EnchantedElytra - Changeable flight modes

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TahSquid, Dec 20, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Mechanic

    Minecraft version: Minecraft Java 1.18

    Suggested name: EnchantedElytra

    What I want: For me, personally, I love to build and be creative with my builds, rather than just slap a few dirt blocks and call it a day. I also don't want to get a way to flight by simply doing /fly. I think it would be cool you could change the way elytra works by either fly with it like a normal elytra or do /ee creative, to go in a "creative flight mode" where you have to have the elytra equipped in order for it to work.

    This could be really cool for people who like to build and play survival at the same time, but don't want to spend time building your way up or use the annoying elytra mechanic. It's also another extra reward from getting your hands on an elytra.

    I also had another idea to bring in a new enchantment for this, but I know that won't work so well with plugins.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ee elytra
    /ee creative

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, but as soon as possible would be lovely.
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    Hey! That is cool idea! I will have a look. Give me ~2-3 days <3
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    Thanks bud! Just take your time and dont rush it. ^^
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