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    Plugin category: Anti Hacks

    Suggested name: EnchantLimiter

    What I want: I need a plugin that will disallow anyone to enchant things above the specified enchantment limit in the config.yml. Basically, my server enchants for sharpness go up to 33, unbreaking goes up to 65, protection goes up to 45, etc. What I need is a configurable plugin that can limit enchanting levels. {Prevents people from using .enchant in hacked clients and using /enchant for high enchantments such as level 1000 or 127 enchants}.

    Ideas for commands: /enchant {enchantname} {limit}

    Ideas for permissions: enchantlimiter.bypass {Can bypass the enchantment limits} , enchantlimiter.admin {Will have access to change enchantment limits in-game}

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it can be completed.
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    I can try this. Will get back to you if I can't do it. Atm I am learning Java2D so it might not be done right away.
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    Take your time. Thanks for the reply at least though
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    Could you work for in the future to edit certain enchants to be limited to certain levels? I like it so far, but that would be a great implementation
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    Almost done! Just need to edit config terms and other stuff.

    Also I think I made this plugin a little differently from described... :( I made a plugin where you can enchant any item as long as it is equal to or under the limit in the config with /enchant. I will try to make another version of it with your type of description.

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