Enable TNT in one world; Disable it in the rest?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SonorousTwo, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I'm talking about worlds, not servers. I'm using Multiverse; not Bungeecord. I would like TNT to be enabled in one world, but disable it in the rest of the worlds. You see, I have a games world, and there's a War minigame there, it involves TNT, so I'd like it to be enabled there. I need not to worry about TNT spawners because Adventure mode is the default gamemode in that world. How can I enable TNT there but disable TNT in Creative world, Survival world, The Dropper world, cops and robbers, etc? I thought about permissions, and I said hey, that could work, but I don't know what perm node... like...
    ? I don't know... please help?
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    Could you post the plugins your server is using?
    I know a way to do this with worldguard (if you're running that)
    Not sure about how to do it solely with essentials though...
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    SonorousTwo EvilWitchdoctor
    You can do this by creating a region in WorldGuard and typing the command
    /rg flag <region name here> tnt allow/deny
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    I have Announcer, Build A Bot, CensorShip, CraftBook, Entity Admin, Essentials Pack, HeavySpleef, Multiverse Core (obviously) Multiverse Inventories, Nametags, Openinv, PEX, Pl3xSmite, PluginManager, ProtocolLib, TagAPI, Timber, War, WirelessRedstone, Worldedit, and WorldGuard.


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    get world edit and world guard, and go to the world your disabling it in and do this command...
    /region flag __global__ tnt deny
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    Go to the plugins/WorldGuard/worlds/ folder and then to the name of the world in which you want TNT enabled (to disable it in all the other worlds edit the global config)
    Once you're in the right folder, open the config.yml file and replace the {} with this:
    block-tnt: false
    block-tnt-block-damage: true
    block-lighter: false
    (or whatever settings you want)
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