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Discussion in 'Resources' started by ResultStatic, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Really? Another one?

    Also, how is this "efficient"?
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    And checks for player != null.. So no console commands allowed. Why?!
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    Lots of Command APIs on the first page right now...
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    Might as well use the built in onCommand, and plugin.yml, then..

    ResultStatic you could make some general functions on top of the onCommand (example, essentials), which means you dont have to rewrite how commands work.
    You also ignore other types of command senders up there.

    I really don't see why this couldn't use onCommand as a base.

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    It's okay if people don't like your resources...

    There are several command resources out there, this one offers not much new to the pool (this is an Annotation based Command system, like what Minnymin3 already made). However, this one goes completely against the onCommand base, which I personally like and it is already built into the API, so why not use it?

    Like I said, it's alright for people not to love your resources; especially when there are many covering the same exact topic. Resources aren't meant to get love, they are here for developers to use as a way of:
    • viewing colleagues' work
    • learning from other developers
    • learning Bukkit API in general
    With that being said, I'm sure somebody will find use for it. But usually, the ones who are vocal on a resource are the ones just trying to give you a bit of help, through constructive criticism. You aren't being hated so to speak, but just guided. When you post a resource, you have to expect that :) .

    They don't make it hard to use. It's just a couple simple if-checks. If they are indeed so difficult, why not include an annotation requiring x amount of arguments, and check in your handler if the arguments were fulfilled?

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    That's what they all do. And you still haven't proved how this is "efficient".
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    I totally support xTrollxDudex opinion on how not efficient this is, this is confusing to beginner developers. I think the simplest on is Bukkit API's default. This also contains alot of bugs and needs work!

    You will want that in OP(Original Post) not only here.

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    xTrollxDudex i didnt mean it was efficient to where it uses less resources if thats what your talking about, i meant it was more time efficient and easier to create a command for instance with a regular command you have check the arguments then send an error message, check the player cast and send an error message, check that the player for a certain argument is not null, check permissions and send an error message, and with my way all you have to do is

    wrap.getSender().sendMessage(wrap.getTarget(1).getName() + " has 100 dollars" );
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    Efficient[1]: Performing a particular task with the least waste of effort or resources.

    - This command system does not perform this task with the least waste of resource, as it is convoluted.
    - This isn't very easy to make. Proper annotation command systems can take some time; the onCommand default Bukkit API method is very easy and quick to code. In my opinion, if it easy and quick to code, then it generally isn't of as good quality.

    [1] - My dictionary
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    :/ Really? Can't you guys just leave it be?
    If no-one really wanted to use it, or see it as useless, they won't bump it to the top.
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