Inactive [EDIT/RPG] Catacombs v2.6 - Random Dungeons (Adventure-like) [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    yeah its prob that im only using 1240, i guess il have to wait to 1.9 because too many of my plugins have been having issues with 1337 ad its too much work to update my 40+ plugins so yeah...1240 is my issue
  2. Ah yes that's the problem. Maybe I should have left that bit of code as it was to be backwards compatible.
    I guess you'll just have to kill them before they explode :) [creeper]sssss
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    This plugin is HOLY F***ING great!
    Thx for this plugin!
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    [severe] [catacombs] no configuration attribute called trap.ammo or<style>.trap.ammo

    Not sure what this is about but seems to work either way just posting to see what people think it means
  5. There is meant to be a property in the config file called 'catacomb.trap.ammo' that is set to the list of things you want
    the traps to fire (defaults to a number of arrows). Check the config.yml (and the spaces and dashes in the file are ok),
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    A way to get around the dungeon not rebuilding is to use plugins worldedit and scriptblock build you dungeon then using worldedit set your area, build a building beside the dungeon real small with a door //copy //save <dungeon name> and put a scriptblock sign inside with the commands like /sb @bypass //load <dungeon name>][@bypass //paste][@bypass /cat reset <dungeon name>] using this technique you can actually make the entire dungeon breakable no issues.
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    nice! hope you will update it..
    you get 3 of 5 ratings of me [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Great plugin, apart from the lighting bug.
    Sometimes lighting stays after resetting the dungeon and then you have to manually place torches everywhere and break them to get it to reset -_-
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    the lighting bug is very annoying !:'(
  10. I guess it's a minecraft (or maybe bukkit) problem, catacombs itself doesn't mess with the light levels.
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    So I don't have the reset buttons in my dungeons but people can just sit there and farm the mobs. Is there any way to get people to stop farming the mobs since they keep spawning? (I have my dungeons reset every hour)
  12. Not really. /cat suspend will stop the mobs spawning, but then they'll just mine your glowstone :)
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    Yea that's the problem lol.

    What about having something the detects when you walk into the final room then it gives you like 2 mins to collect the loot. After those 2 mins it teleports you out of the dungeon and locks the trap door until its reset? Or just stop the mob spawnings.

    in your onBlockDamageEvent in please make it check to make sure your in a dungeon. Right now it works outside of the dungeon

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  14. Yes this is the kind of thing we need. I'm adding boss mobs, which could be used to trigger dungeon lock down.

    As noted on the BukkitDev thread this check is there, but it sounds like you have the option set so that check is turned off (which in fairness isn't your fault because it's the way I wanted to have the default).
        if(!plugin.prot.isInRaw(block) && plugin.cnf.SecretDoorOnlyInDungeon())
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    Please please please, keep this up to date. These dungeons are he number 1 way of getting money on my server.

    That, and they're great fun too.
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    KEEP IT UP!!!! Pls man!!! i love this plugin!!! is one of the best plugins i see
  17. Thanks guys. I'm still working on it. Got some exciting things in the pipeline.
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    Is this updated to Minecraft 1.0?
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    ill like this plugin to be up-to-date D: its fun playing it in my server. but now it donest work :C
  20. Ah I didn't understand it wasn't working. The development version I have is just fine. What issues are you getting?
  21. Uploaded a new release (v1.0) of the code (follow the link to the bukkitDev page at the top of this one).
    • Added an option for blaze spawners
    • Changed the default options so that secret doors will only work in dungeons by default
    • Fixed the code so that dungeon resets don't reset secret doors when they are disabled in the config file.
    • Added a style called 'grand' to the default config file that builds dungeons with wider corridors and larger rooms (more suitable for groups). Use '/cat style grand' to select this, then plan and build as normal.
    • Added a new syntax to allow items with byte codes (like dyes and potions) to be given as loot. Put a '/' after the item name followed by the byte code e.g 'potion/1:10:1' would give one regen potion in 10% of the chests
    • Added a '/cat reload' command to reload the config file in game (or from the console).
    • Fixed the code so that arrow kills get rewarded too.
    • Turned off a rather verbose console message that occurred when new options were being added to the config file.

    Uploaded another new release (v1.1) of the code. This release is basically the same as v1.0 except that it has a brand new combat mechanic. See for details (and summary).

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    Defenently getting this for my server!
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    Great plugin, very stable.
    Although may I make one request?
    Toggle-able pvp in dungeons.
    More specifically, the ability to turn off pvp in a pvp:true world
  24. Yes we needed to turn PvP off too when play testing. We used another plugin McMMo to form a group which disabled PvP damage, but I think adding a Catacombs options is a good idea.
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    First off all I want to say that this plugin is awesome. It's stable and great. But I've got some questions and requests.
    1)Is it possible to implent Creeper Spawner? There are Spawner for nearly everything in the dungeons but Creepers are missing. It would be nice if you implent these.
    2)Is ist possible to change the percentage of Zombie Spawner? It's good that you can change the Percentage of every Spawner, but the Zombie Spawner is missing.
    3)Is it possible to set an auuoreset? Maybe that the dungeons reset every 7 minutes or something like that.

    Sorry if my English isn't very well, but I'm from Germany.
  26. I want a creeper spawner too but they don't spawn naturally from a creeper spawner last time I tried them. Wolves are a bit of a struggle to get to spawn too. So the plan is to write my own spawning code that will cycle around the spawners in active dungeons and fix this.

    You increase the Zombie spawn rate by reducing the chances of everything else. Zombie is the default creature if you set all the other percentages to zero you'll get 100% zombies.

    The only way to do an auto reset currently is to use another plugin to schedule a '/cat resetall' or '/cat reset whatever' every 7 minutes. Given other plugins can do this it's not a high priority to fix.
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    Ok thanks for your answers. I've got some notes. You said creeper don't spawn naturally from s spawner. That's correct, but Zombie Pigman also don't spawn naturally from a spawner. What's the differnece between these two mobs? And also a note to youe second section. For example I set the percentage of Zombie Pigman to 100% ther will spawn no zombies. Am I right?
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    Wow, cant believe I skimmed over this plugin so many times while looking for "rpg" type plugins and never gave it a shot.
    its amazing how well it does the job of creating a connected working 'old time D&D tabletop' hack and slash dungeon layout, and so many options..its great!

    Its working wonderfully, only a few questions I cant seem to figure out how to do.
    Im trying to get it to ignore ANY blocks, assuming they are all buildable (as its only me making the catacombs, and double checking to make sure no ones built anything underneath it.)
    what Im trying to do is generate one huge, multilevel, 'master' dungeon. I got radius set to 40, and it works well..problem is it sees open air, or lava, or water underground, and stops generating more downward levels to bedrock. and most levels I can seem to get is 3-4 maybe 5 if Im lucky and standing over mostly stone chunks.

    anyway to get it to assume EVERYTHING underneath besides bedrock it is OK to generate into? I tried adding the ID number for all the blocks to the Block.Natural, but it doesn't seem to like numbers in it. and I have NO idea what the ingame name of such things as flowing lava, and water are...etc.

    Second question, with the themes, or styles. is every variable able to be redone? say I copy 'catacombs' style and name it 'catacombs2'..and change the mob %, the block types, the chest item drops..etc will it use all the different settings in that style?

    and one last question, not so much a problem...what does these do?:
    UnderFill: false
    OverFill: false
    cant find any documentation for those..
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    Sorry im very new to Bukkit and especially plugins. I want to use your plugin as it sounds really neat, it will be on our home LAN and just myself and my son.

    Do I need to actually build a dungeon or does it randomly make them for you. Sorry if this sounds dumb but im a real newb at this :)

    TG [diamond]

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