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  1. There is a useful tool called XAMPP that you can use to set up a MySQL database, but if you aren't familiar with MySQL databases you may want to wait until I integrate a built in database option. If you want to go ahead and set things up then you'll need to run XAMPP, create a new database (say called Minecraft), and create a new database user (say called minecraft_user) and give the user access permissions to the new database. The plugin will do everything else.

    Find a video on installing MySQL for Minecraft if you need the details.
    Here is one I found
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    Hi and thanks for this awesome plugin ! ^^
    Just a problem with the reset command.
    The destroyed spawners do not reappear after a reset. Too easy without it ^^.
    It's the only one problem :).
  3. MicroDark,

    Glad you are having fun with it.

    Yes the destroyed spawners aren't recreated unfortunately. The reason for this is that all the dungeon details are never saved and once the dungeon has been built all the detailed maps used to build the rooms are cleared from the server. The only thing that is saved are the dungeon level sizes (x/y/z dimensions and location). Removing torches, closing doors re-stocking the chests can all be done by inspection of the ransacked dungeon. Re-adding webs and spawners can't because no record is kept of where they were originally or which type of mobs they spawn etc.
    It would not be impossible to save the maps too, I'll add it to the list.

    One way around the problem is to place torches on the sides of the spawners to stop the creatures spawning. This way the spawners are re-enabled once the dungeon is reset (because the torches get removed). This is what I do.
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    Perhaps with a random regeneration ?
    Or with text-file saves ?
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    Hey, could you perhaps add a "/cat resetall" command? Perhaps boot the players out of them when they're reset, just like worldguard /unstuck command. Just move the player to the surface.
  6. I missed the word 'not' in my initial response.
    Yes, save files, or simply saving the dungeon plans into the MySQL database would all work fine.

    Booting players out of a dungeon that's about to be reset or deleted is a good idea (it's already on the to-do list).
    I'll add a resetall. Thanks.
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    Very good, thanks ^^

    Good idea, i confirm :)
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    Excellent, now I will be able to add the /cat resetall command to the server command rotation, so every few hours the dungeons reset.
  9. I had the same problem at first. Since /cat showed the command as being "/cat plan <name> <levels down> <width> I tried to make one with a chosen width and got nothing.
    Found out later that it works if you just ignore the width part. Just do a "cat plan <name> <levels down>" and then "cat build <same name as you used when u planned>.

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    I have a suggestion, could you somehow make it so that the rewards in the chest are configurable? either make it so we can choose what items are in the chests, or have groups of items made up that can go in the chests, something, I want to add this but I don't want people finding diamond chest plates all the time D:.
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    I have another interesting suggestion. Add an option to randomly regenerate the dungeon every time its reset. As in create another random dungeon in the same coordinates which is of the same size. People will learn them by heart sooner or later either way and this would be a nice way to prevent constant farming in them.
    Love the plugin so far, waited for something like this for so long.
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    I don't know if its been mentioned but the new endermen mob cause some problems in protected dungeons. they are able to move the blocks about and that result in a large amount of fubar in corridors and small rooms, and as the dungeon in protected it mean i can't clear the hallway without un-protecting the dungeon. some way to disable endermen spawns in the dungeon would be very helpful as once you have to unprot then creepers pose a big problem.
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    THIS IS AWESOME! (I might do a video on this its so good!!!) :D
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    wait so if you plan it first as you said then building one works? I tried just building one straight off the bat and I got a name argument error.
  15. You have to use "/plan" then "/build". So yes. ;)
  16. Ah yes that's right. The <width> can be controlled from the config.yml and I was in the middle of adding some command line control for this but never finished, so /cat plan <name> <levels> <width> does absolutely nothing. Thanks.

    Agreed yes. You plan first then build once you are happy with the results. This is so that you don't clutter your world up with half baked dungeons if there isn't sufficient natural-solid ground under your feet.

    Agreed, configurable loot is already on the to do list.

    Diamond chest plates are pretty rare but can drop (especially in the end of dungeon chest), make your dungeons bigger
    and deeper for the moment to if you want to make them less common.

    Generating a new layout in the space used by a previous dungeon is a great idea. Technically there is a slight problem with this related to the way the stairs down are randomly positioned (they end up in different places for each level), but I think when there
    is a good overlap between neighbouring levels there is a good chance the generation would still work after an attempt or two.

    It would be AWESOME if you did a video showing how to use it and the results :)

    Good point. I haven't tested with 1.8 yet. I think killing endermen spawns is the right way to go.

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    Ok! I have a video recorded, I will do a bit of audio for it then send it to you!
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    Video plsssssss
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    Don't need. It's the better plugin of all times !
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    I'm confused, does this work with 1.8 or not? I'd love to have this plugin for my 1.8 server!
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    It does, but catacombs dont save for me :/
  22. Now that a version of bukkit is available for 1.8 I'll test catacombs on the new version and re-release if there are any problems.
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    1185 just came out as the recommended build. I'm so psyched to get my server plugins updated, especially this one :)
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    possible configuration file for loot in chests?
  25. Yes I've added some crude loot configuration for the chests. I'll be releasing probably tomorrow when I've done some testing.

    I'll also be stopping Endermen moving blocks, adding Cave Spiders, adding resetall, fixing the /cat plan <name> <depth> <radius> command.
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    Also, catacombs dont save..i cant delete them
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    You need a MySQL database.
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    How do I set it up pls :3
  29. can it please support more then 25X25? maybe in multiples i wanna do a like 1000 dungeon and let people go wild for hours and hours also.. reset isnt working and even afer i /build when i do /list its empty but dungeon is there
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    When I try to plan, nothing happens. then I'll try to uild and get the message 'expecting arg#1 to be a planned dungeon name.' What am I doing wrong?

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