Inactive [EDIT/RPG] Catacombs v2.6 - Random Dungeons (Adventure-like) [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    im the server owner and have permisonsex with the whole '*' thing but i cant use /cat plan or nothing. on the server start up is says its useing permisonsex for permisons. what do i do?
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    Ok this plugin is fake and gay becuase ive been trying to get it to work for 4 hours now... im the admin of my server yet i do not have permissions and i read everything in the faqs page but i need more detial or links to download stuff in ...
  4. A bit of advice, if you want support avoid trollish name calling. If you just want to vent frustration (and get no advice) then no problem.
    I've added some more detail to the FAQ. What Catacombs messages do you get at server startup? Check your name is in the 'ops.txt' file and that 'DinnerPermsResolver' is in the disabled list in the wepif.yml file.

    Try adding 'catacombs.admin' to your permissions file (that's what I have). If the wild card isn't working then that might be a question for the PermissionsEx team.

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    Thanks for 2.4!

    Had to delete my catacomb that was giving me issues with an earlier version due to the secret doors. So far this new version seems to work very well, even when you build catacombs starting in the air.

    You know the room with four ponds of lava? One in each corner, doesn't look to well from inside the catacombs as the bottom corners of the rooms are not completed. So far that is my only concern. However, the lava oozing down the sides on the outside make the catacomb look spectacular. :)


    Can you make the program do the following, or create a side version of the project.

    Would work just like catacombs, but build a tower straight up into the air, with the dimensions given to it. Also instead of enclosing the tower, have it open on the sides with something like fencing keeping people inside. If you build it into catacombs, you can just make a toggle that default to catacombs.

    I just like your plugin so much, and this would make it better... to me.

    P.S. Forgot to mention that on double doorways, only 1 iron door is showing up. Is this something I'm doing wrong in the config?

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    Is there any way to make a lot of RANDOM catacombs i want to make a world where people FIND them, without having to build them!?
  7. The only way is to run '/cat scatter .....' lots of times.

    Each half of the doors is selected independently. You'll need to use either 0 percent for all wooden doors or 100 for all iron doors. Anything in between is likely to give you double doors that are wood on one side and iron on the other. Did you set iron doors to 100?

    Ah yes this only happens with the special rooms because lava (or water) never does to the edge of the non-special rooms). It's been fixed and will be in v2.5.

    I've done some work looking into towers. There has been lots of discussion on it on the bukkitDev site. Building up isn't something I'm planning at present (I suspect I've made the assumption dungeons go down in lots of places). I don't think fences will work, they have the same problems I had when I built a tower with windows. The light stops the monsters spawning.

    You can make "downwards" towers already by using worldedit to form a pillar of (say) stone that the dungeon will be created within. You could suspend the dungeon and add a door to the bottom and block off the top. Remember to move the end of dungeon chest (and the grass block below it). You could also form a pillar of stone surrounded by (say) glass and then plan from the top to get your well light dungeon.

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    Oh... okay. No, I set it to 35%. If I suspend the catacomb and just place iron doors next to the other ones, that should work. Correct?
  9. Yes or type "/cat iron" to replace all the doors in you current dungeon with iron.
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    People on my server keep getting a message saying they don't have permission to use catacombs commands. They have the permissions already. When I reload the plugins they are able to join but later in the day it tells them they don't have permission again. I'm using essentials group manager. Nothing pops up in the console and it doesn't do it to all players, only certain players. (They don't have any different permissions that other people that are able to do it.) The same thing has been happening with the quarantine plugin. Are the two conflicting?
  11. If you are using v2.4 of Catacombs and this is happening to other plugins too then it might be related to Vault (since v2.4 Catacombs delegates all permissions checking to Vault if it's installed).

    Check if Quarantine is using Vault too and if it is then ask on the vault page to see if anyone has run into this and if there is a solution.
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    Hey i got some ideas if you are interested.

    - Could you possibly add an option which allows players to enter dungeons 1 at a time?
    - Also a grouping system for those who want to go in with friends.

    This in reaction of my players complaining people they don't play with stealing their chests and being in the way...
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    My players absolutely love running Catacombs! It's a fantastic plugin, well coded.
    But I have a suggestion.

    Would it be possible to separate the loot tables per catacomb? I make my catacombs with different themes and difficulties and would like that addition so that it would be fair for everybody.

    For example: It would be unfair if someone has the same chance of obtaining a diamond pick with silk touch in a hardmode catacomb as an easymode dungeon. It would make more sense if the chances were tweaked per catacomb, making it rarer for easymode cata while increasing chance of that drop for hardmode cata.

    Otherwise, very well done.
  14. Dungeon ownership is on the to do list. The current thinking is the door on the hut might become owned by the first person to open it (until the next reset).

    The mean time there are other plugins that allow people to group up. You might want to turn PvP on so players can kill the intruders. :)

    You can have different loot in different dungeons (but there is a limitation that I'll come on to). Create several styles with different loot and then change style between resetting your easy and hard dungeons. This will ensure the dungeons get different loot.

    /cat style easy
    /cat reset easy1
    /cat reset easy2
    /cat style hard
    /cat reset hard1
    /cat reset hard2
    The limitation at present is that the style a dungeon was built with isn't save along with the dungeon. This is good if you want to change the loot a dungeon gets, but bad if you want to use the automatic reset scheme. This is on the to do list to be changed.

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    How does that separate the loot?
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    WOW, This is AMAZING,

    I started using it yesterdsy it is Excellent.

    BIG BIG thanks for this plugin.

    All the best Jason and Robin.
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    Do these randomly generate or have to be manually generated?
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    I have a suggestion...
    I think you should add faction support or team based support, so team can do dungeon raids.
  19. You have to run a couple of commands to build a random dungeon, or use the '/cat scatter' command to put a dungeon in a random location.
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    This is amazing! Will increase fun on any server :).
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    I created a dungeon, but it sounds like there is a horde of zombies beating on doors. Very annoying. I cannot delete it. It says the dungeon does not exist by the name I created it under. No dungeon in the /cat list.

    I create a new dungeon, it appeared in the list. I was able to delete it.

    Can someone help out?
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    • Warns Admins inside chat to reset a dungeon

    This would help alot not only because Admins can easily see it but because if a player does not know to hit the reset button The Admins atleast have a clue to execute the /cat Reset command. Anyways fascinating plugin really like it!
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    This mod is the sex. Created it for my players and they loved it. With my economy mod this is a great alternative to making money.

    I have to change one thing and that is the spawn rate of the spawners. Currently itpops out a mob as soon almost as one is killed making it very hard to go deeper. Is there a way to stop the mobs from respawning without allowing the players to destroy the spawners? So if you clear a room it stays cleared until the reset.

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    Hello, when ever i try and reset a dungeon none of the chests get refilled, please help!
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    can u give an explanation for some of the not so obvious symbols?
    like what do these mean:

    i can find them no problem on the map but i can seem to understand their purpose
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    I like the mod, but is there a way to have dungeons randomly be created in specified area? For example is it possible to have it use a radius i give it like 1250m from where i'm standing and tell it to build 2 random dungeons, then it just randomly finds 2 locations with the available space, and builds the to random size/type dungeons wherever it wants. I would just like to add randomness to where they get built, so when i play i myself can enjoy the fact of finding one on my own and exploring it, rather then knowing where i make them and then just going straight to them.
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    hope this helps you out marubal21 but there is a feature called /cat scatter
    as far as i know there isnt the ability to place 2 at once but u could just do it multiple times in the same area while varying the range of its scatter
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    Yeah, i just noticed that feature, and it should work for what i want, just like you said i have to do it multiple times. Thanks

    I have a couple other questions, is it possible to make each dungeon out of different materials? and will destroyed spawners be reset when the dungeon is reset? also when a dungeon is reset can i make the layout of the dungeon change?

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    Yes there is a way to change what each dungeon is made from in the config.yml file in the catacombs plugin folder it looks like this:

    Major: stone
    Minor: diamond_ore
    Floor: dirt
    Roof: dirt

    your values will most likely be different as these are for one of my personal dungeons

    destroyed spawners WILL NOT respawn as of the current build on a reset this also includes webs/web doors. i read somewhere that the Dev was going to try and change that but doing so would involve quiet a few hurtles. best way to avoid this is to set "ProtectSpawners: true" this config is under the Admin section in the Catacombs config.yml file as well. to stop creatures from spawning surround the spawner with torches. (the torches will disappear after a reset)

    as for changing the layout of a dungeon after a reset well thats impossible...kinda =-D
    there is no automatic way to do it but there is a manual way. what you would have to do it type /cat suspend while standing in the dungeon that you would like to edit. it will "turn on the lights" and stop all spawners from spawning. you can go thru and edit w.e you would like in the dungeon when you are done type /cat enable while still standing in your dungeon and you will notice the lights will go out and spawners will spawn again.

    if you have anymore questions i found that
    really walks you thru the entire configuration process explaining what each thing does. check it out

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