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  1. You have to actually generate the dungeons using commands. There is a little video showing how to do this. You can also use the 'scatter' command to build a dungeon randomly within a radius from where you are standing.

    I just tried Creeper spawners again and they work nicely so I've added them to the code for the next release. Maybe there was a bug last time I tried.

    You should use the bukkit names for the materials (case doesn't matter).
    The code numbers should work as well provided you get the syntax for the list correct in the .yml file. The plugin will stop before it gets low enough for bedrock so it shouldn't really matter if bedrock is in the list or not.

    Yes. It will use the current style when the dungeon is built or reset. You only really need to copy the values you want to change (and all the associated section names), but there is no harm in copying the whole section. The only things you can't override in a style are the things in the 'Admin' section because these are server properties not dungeon ones.

    If you build a dungeon through open sky you'll see that the plugin only changes the blocks that are visible from inside the dungeon (all the blocks in the roof space above the ceiling and below the floor are left unchanged). When you set these options to true the plugin will set all these (normally hidden) blocks too.

    Yes. Add all the percentages up and what ever is left out of a hundred is the zombie percent. You get what you get if the numbers add up to more than 100 (it won't crash, there is a priority order in the code, but you may not get what you expect).

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    ahh thanks :) clear a lot up. my players are loving the plugin, I cant keep the out of the dungeons now :p
    one thing we noticed, Is the retrieve gear on death option working?

    I have Admin.Death.KeepGear: true, but it doesn't seem to offer that to my players on death. does AdvancedCombat need to be on for it to work?
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    OMG cool, I can't wait to use Creeper in these Dungeons. One question: Do you know an date when the next release will come?
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    Thanks for the reply, worked it out and it runs great. Awesome plugin dude!!

    TG [diamond]
  5. Yes it's an AdvancedCombat feature and once the admin has set the price the players can't really choose it just happens automatically.
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    ah ok. might be why, players liked all of the advanced combat features other than the delayed attack thing, so had to disable it. thanks for clearing it up ;)

    think we could get an updated config explanation on the devpage? lots of the variables are missing in the current one here.
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    This is my only request so far.

    Make an option (zero for off) in minutes (and hours and days if possible) that the dungeon will reset on its own. Also include a random feature that will pick this time at random against the time you have set. Please oh please, use a time stamp. As I would like to have the catacombs reset time set to about 5 days.

    The whole idea is that when someone has completed a catacomb, it would randomly get time stamped sometime between now and 5 days out. This way it can not be predicted when it will reset and people will have to check frequently.

    This should be set per Catacomb, as I have a high amount of catacombs on my server.

    Thank you for all your hard work.
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    After rethinking my post...

    Could you make it 2 options, a min time to reset the dungeon, and a max time to reset the dungeon.

    When the catacomb is reset, or created, it will automatically choose a time between the min and max at random, and create a time stamp for that catacomb, and when the time equals the time stamp, it creates a new time stamp based on the parameters, over and over.

    To create less drag on the server, you could create a time check of how often it looks at the stamps.

    The way I now have described it, would make each catacomb very nice, self reseting, and fully maintained.

    To update older catacombs, you could have the plugin do a check at start up to see if any of them do not have a time stamp, and create it.

    You could put a system warning, if people are in a catacomb that is about to reset, the system could display a message every X mins like a countdown, starting at like 5 mins. So people realize what has happened if the catacomb resets while they are exploring it.
  9. A timed reset feature gets requested often enough. It's probably time I added it to the to-do list and did something about it. :)
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    Is there any way, be it through your mod or in tandem with another mod, to have monsters ONLY spawn in dungeons/catacombs/underground but not elsewhere?
  11. I haven't looked to see if there is a plugin to stop hostile creatures spawning on the surface, but it's only a handful of lines of code so I'd be surprised if there isn't one. Given it's easy I can add an option (off by default) for this if you can't find a plugin to do it.
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    Hey, i am having a really annoying problem, i am OP on my server, and i have the - '*' node in my permissions, but when i try to use any of the commands it says"you do not have permissions for /cat [command]"
    Could you please help me with this as i am EXTREMLY frusterated.... >:p
    I sometimes i get this error:null error after it loads in the CMD.
  13. I'm using permissions v3.1.6. Which version are you trying to use. Catacombs has only been tested with this version and no Permissions plugin at all. It's not set up for the bukkit permissions scheme at this point.
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    I'm using bPermissions, and I had to add each of the op commands specifically to my user name in the world file, other wise I too couldn't use any of the commands.

    Hope that helps.
  15. There hasn't been much discussion on Catacombs permissions yet so I guess most people must be able to get it to work somehow. Thanks for posting this info.
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    As a note from my setup, the perms work fine for me using PEX and its permbridge, not sure without the bridge, as I always have had the bridge in place, I need it for the '*' options.
    But working fine for me doing "- - perms.whatever" for catacombs commands I don't want normal users to have, while they can still access all the others, and my '*' works for covering all the commands ops need for it.
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    If it isn't too much trouble, it would be a much appreciated option! I've looked around for plugins to do this, but they either don't exist or I'm terrible at searching... I like the idea of the above ground being a safe haven, but venture below ground....
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    Hey, since you seem to have the whole money thing working when you kill mobs, and MobBounty isn't being updated (of course now that I said that... lol) could you make a new plugin that would allow money to be made from killing mobs in general. Both a set amount per mob, and a random option like in the catacombs would be awesome.

    TY, even if you don't do it.
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    try MoneyDrop, we are using it, and it seems to work fine still.
  20. I added the code for this and an option to control it. It get's rid of most of the monsters on the surface but not all. Some mobs still spawn under trees and under any overhangs, but that's all you get easily for a handful of lines of code. The under-the-tree thing is probably fixable if it's a big problem.

    The basic mechanism for this is currently being tested. I just need to add some extra commands to allow admins to control the timing and to save the data so it's not lost when the server restarts. I'll allow a min and max time. New dungeons won't do a timed reset by default. Legacy dungeons won't reset by default either but all dungeons (old and new) will be controllable with the new commands. Any players in the dungeon get a sequence of warning messages as the reset time gets closer. It may take a bit of time to get a release out that has this feature because I have some big changes to the way dungeon data is being saved going on to make it more flexible (this is related to bosses and things like dungeon ownership and dungeon shut down).

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    Considering you didnt have to add that at all, it is much appreciated! Thank you! I can deal with a reduced spawn, my thoughts were to have monsters be a rare thing above ground, but going below still is dangerous.
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    hey dude ive got a question i type /cat plan type in my numbers etc and enter and it will say "java.lang.integer cannot be cast to java.lang.string" any idea what this mean? ive checked my config and everything and i cant see anything wrong.. please help.
  23. Are you including the dungeon name? "/cat plan fred 1 14"

    Also try moving your config.yml out of the way with rename and rerunning with a fresh new one.

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    yes i know i am including the dungeon name and ill try doing it with a fresh config in a little bit

    ok i did it with the new config and its letting me build.. but i set the max radius to 50 and put max rooms to 30 and now whnever i try to build a bigger dungeon(multi floor) itll let me build it but it will be a like 5 room dungeon with the ending room in the spawn... help?

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  25. If moving the config file fixed the problem then the issue must have been a typo before.

    Max rooms is the size of the room not the number. If you set the max size to 30 you'll only get a handful of rooms even in a 101x101 dungeon. Try reducing the max room size a bit to fit more rooms in. The end room is near the start because the plugin prioritizes finding a location for the stair down when huge rooms take all the space.
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    ohhhh thanks that confused me. i thought that was the number of rooms ok thanks dude. appreciate the help
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    Hi, first i would say : AMAZING plugin.
    set on my server and people really like it.
    but i ve a small bug. secret doors doesn't work at all.
    for now i have replace it by wood eand players can pass trougth with compass but have you any idea why my probleme could be ?
  28. This may be another plugin is interfering with the doors. The doors only open when they take damage (left-click). If you have another plugin that is preventing damage to the blocks before Catacombs sees the event then the block won't take any damage and won't open. You can confirm this by briefly turning all your other plugins off (just run Catacombs), and narrow down the clash by trying them in groups.

    The doors are built using sticky pistons pointing upwards and a redstone torch under the piston. Find a secret door on the map in the console and dig up the floor near one to check it's built ok (you'll have to suspend the dungeon before you can dig up the floor in the room)
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    you was right it was a plugin.
    now everythings work fine.
    the plugin was WorldGuard, now i have to fine how to replace this one unfortunately
    thx for all
  30. WorldGuard is a pretty standard plugin so it's probably worth me changing my code a little to allow the doors to work even when WorldGuard is present. This should be easy enough to do and I'll include this in v1.3 when it's released.

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