Inactive [EDIT] Pylamo Restoration System v0.2 - Restoration without lag[1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Pylamo Restoration System

    Pylamo restoration system is an advanced restoration system that does not block the main thread of the server and features an efficient way of block restoration. You can also modify the amount of blocks restored per server tick in the plugin config so you can adjust the required CPU-power by the plugin to your server CPU-power

    Plugin depends on Vault!

    If you are upgrading of 0.1x you have to resave your regions in order to save special block data.

    Permission nodes:
    AdvancedRestorationPlugin.create - access to all commands

    Define a region with bricks first then:
    /prs create <name> to create a new restoration region

    /prs restore <name> to restore the specified region

    /prs resave <name> to resave the specified region

    /prs settimer <name> <time> to set a restoration timer with the interval of the specified time in minutes or 0 to disable the timer.

    if you have have any question pm me or add me on steam([email protected])/icq(317116559)/skype(soul0ry).

    Download the latest version here

    signs, chests, doublechests, dispensers and brewingstands are now saved, including their content.
    added timer
    initial release
    signs and other special blocks aren't saved correctly yet
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    Someone has picked up with using multi threading and block manipulation together. I have done this before with different plugins, for different purposes.
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    It's not multithreaded, I use a recursive algorithm that restores x blocks per server tick because bukkit does not allow asynchronous modification of blocks, only the save algorithm is multithreaded.
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    Designed for my server by the ever lovely Pylamo programming skills. I'd recommend it to all, as it can regenerate millions of blocks with no lag at all + provides waiting rooms, fair Red Vs Blue safe PvP combat with no loss of items.
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    thanks, no pvp yet, the bg plugin will be released seperately.
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    Awesome work. Worldedits //regen sucks loads when it comes to big restores.
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    Thanks, that's why I created this plugin ;)
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    is it automaticly OPs only? or can all players use it. are there permissions?
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    all OPs can use the commands and users with the permission AdvancedRestorationPlugin.create
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    Pylamo How do I select the blocks I want? Sorry Haha...
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    use bricks and use them like world edit, right click to select start and left click to select end.
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    The /prs create <area> does not run for me, and when I type /prs create without specify the name of the area says me "correct usage" /arp create <name>

    When y type /arp create <area> command says me the command not exists... Any solution?
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    Well, it works for me, did you select a region with bricks?
    I wanted to release the plugin with another name first, /prs is the right command.
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    Oh I See, Thanks.

    Grrrr! Not working :( I try selecting with bricks, they place down. Which do i do first? There is no acknowladgement to me doing the /prs create <...> command and when i do resyore, it says no region exists :(

    and sometimes it just says /prs

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    don't use brick blocks, use single bricks!
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    Ohhhhh. Thanks A bunch Pylamo! :D Which Do I Do First? Command or selection...?
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    Selection of course ;)

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