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    NanoBot - Edit Structures, Landscapes and more

    Version: 1.39
    craftbukkit: 1.2.5-R1.0


    NanoBot is a plugin that is able to change, copy, move, remove and rotate Structures and Landscapes. When someone uploads a structure by default, it will appear on this webpage:

    Test server: Offline, Waiting for new server computer. (2012-04-25)
    On the nanobot test server the latest build of nanobot is installed. there very one is allowed to test nanobot. the worlds resets every hour so do what you please. the server is off 3 - 4 minutes on every restart

    nanobot demonstration:

    nanobot tools

    Sumbitted Video or Others (open)




    Latest version
    NanoBot.jar (Alt)

    Ops the upload server is only for them that can code PHP and MySQL (alt)

    Here can you find older versions:

    1. Download
    2. put nanobots.jar in plugin folder
    3. Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    How to use:
    After the plugin is installed run the server or reload it, then got the nanobot folder that is the plugin and then open up the settings.yml file and under premission there are some settings for see how is allowed to use the mod

    op = minecraft own op system
    playerList = all users that going to beable to use the mod most be listed in allowPlayers.txt
    premission = if the server has some other permission plugin you can enable that setting to use that plugin instead

    then the permissions are sorted out restart or reload the server , Enter a command in the chat then hit a block with a empty hand

    nanobot.nanobot = allow the use of nanobot = allow download from a web server
    nanobot.upload = allow upload a structure to a web server
    nanobot.load = allow loading a structure from a file and place it

    The modes are
    Color = Edit only block with the same color (wool)
    Ground = Edit every block that the world generator can make (except bedrock)
    Normal = Edit block of the same type as the fist one you hit
    Structures = Edit structures
    All = Edit all blocks except air and bedrock
    • /nano remove [mode] [amount]
      • Remove blocks
    • /nano copy [mode] [amount]
      • Copy blocks
    • /nano move [mode] [amount]
      • Move blocks
    • /nano change <id> [mode] [amount]
      • Change blocks to something else (like dirt to grass)
    • /nano change <id>:<color> [mode] [amount]
      • Change block to something else but support color
      • /nano change 35:red (change something to red wool)
    • /nano fill <id> [amount]
      • Fill holes
    • /nano rotate <90|180|270>
      • allows the player to rotate structures or landscapes
    • /nano <save|load> <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Save and load Structures or Landscapes from a file
    • /nano upload <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Upload a structure to a public site where it can be downloaded
    • /nano download <filename> <id>
      • Download a structure from the public site (then use /nano load)
    • /nano tools [tool name]
      • See a list of all tools avaiable or see more info about one tool
    • /nano select [mode] [amount]
      • Selecting a structure or landscape
    • /nano <toss|info|cancel|undo>
      • Stand in water or lava and use Toss to use the nanobot on water
      • Info allows the player to see the information about the nano like then it is done
      • Cancel quits the operation the nanobot are assign to
      • Undo are just like it sound it undo that players last edit with he/she did with the nanobots
    Commands advance:

    now in a command can players use +<block id> to add and -<block id> to remove blocks that aren't on the scan list like
    /nano copy +1 s 1000 will now also copy smooth stone

    I want to thank @Flabaliki for helping with Bug testing the plugin

    Know bugs:
    • Stairs, Signs and other block don't rotate correctly

    full change list (open)

    Version 1.31
    * Select tool works with /nano change

    Version 1.3
    * Players get now the right amount of block edited
    * Color and All mode added
    * Snow layer are now ignored
    * Selection tool added (set id in tools.yml)
    * Some changes to scanning and editing codes
    * Permission bug fixed
    * Sand and Gravel that has been scanned don't fall
    * Config crash fix
    * The throw command now works on water and lava
    * Structures and landscape can now be rotate while move or copying
    * Support for the whole mode name
    * Fixed some bugs with the + and - system

    Version 1.25
    * Fixed a problem with item on walls fell of then they where loaded
    * Redstone torches now rotate correctly
    * Things on walls (torches, sign and more) do not change with the command change
    * Flowers and pistons now count as a on wall block

    Version 1.22 (Hotfix)
    * Fixed the special command -<block id> for real
    * Fixed torches and steps being rotated correctly
    * Fixed a bug that caused the tools to not work

    Version 1.2
    * Change .properties file to .yml
    * File being converted automatically
    * Small order now getting instantly completed
    * Added a blueprint tool
    * Fixed folder rename bug
    * Fixed the special command -<block id>
    * Changed Allowed blocks to disallowed blocks

    Version 1.1 (hotfix)
    * Permissions work as they should

    Version 1.0
    * Better scan code
    * Better edit code
    * Added nanobot tools
    * Added allowMaterial in options
    * Added command /nano select
    * Added progress messages
    * Changed /nano rotate
    * Fixed /nano move so it can now move things with out messing them up
    * Added /nano tools to see all tools

    Version 0.81 (hotfix)
    * Fixed the permissions
    * Fixed Save and upload functions
    * Added /nano fill in help

    Version 0.8
    * Added /nano fill
    * Added english number format
    * Added -diagonal
    * Added permissions
    * Change max number of block to edit every second from 250 to 2500
    * Some performance changes
    * Blocked some blocks in the commands
    * Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    Version 0.7
    * Fixed new scan code
    * Added -up and +down
    * Now can nanobot scan air (if +0 are used)

    Version 0.6
    * Fixed amount problem then saving
    * Change upload file location to temp folder

    Version 0.56
    * Fixed undo problem
    * Fixed load problem
    Version 0.55
    * Tried to fix the undo bug (i can't test it for i don't have that bug)
    * Fixed the nano rotate error
    * added new options needPermissionFile and needOp
    Version 0.5
    * Added a experimental setting that stops things from spreading while nanobots work
    * Fixed a loop issue
    * Fixed so - and + option works again
    * Fixed undo so it now should work correctly
    * Fixed so toss works again
    * Fixed some compatibility issues

    Version 0.45
    * Fixed for bukkit build 1000
    * Some performance issues fixed
    * Increased scan speed
    * Some new options added

    Version 0.41
    * Fixed a error that broke the hole plugin

    Version 0.4
    * Added upload function
    * Added download function
    * Added more advance options
    * Added setting file
    Version 0.3
    *Nanobot now logs in the server log
    * who, where and when someone uses the mod
    * Now do the undo file get created when the server shutdown
    Added some missing commands in /nano help
    Added leaves (18) in ground mode

    Version 0.2
    * First release
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    Yes i think i can add that
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    i cant change to tnt ..... it says its not allowed? how do i change it so i can?
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    you can't, in the new version I'm working on it is possible, what you can do is copy the tnt over and over again to get

    it is johnsmith 7.4

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    Very nice plugin! but for your structure upload page can you make it so that you require a screenshot of the structure when you upload because i got an upload named house and it gave me an entire city:p.
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    well i could do so people can register and upload screenshot(s), i would like to make a model viewer then i learn how, but it going to take some time before people can reg on the page i need to be done with nanobot 0.9 i,m currently reprogramming the plugin for the ground up
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    want me to build the site lol
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    can you please update this to work with 1060?
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    i think it already working with 1060, but I'm working on a update i have some problem with the undo command

    if everything go as it should the new version should be out in less then 24 hours
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    yea i used this before i stopped my server and before 1060 came out, and undo never did work...
    will the update be 100% 1060 compatable? i'm restarting my server :)
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    well so far it work fine for me with the new version i'm making except for the unfinished functions, why it as taken time is for i did a complete reprogramming, so now is the plugin much much faster
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    now that is VERY welcome sir!:)
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    What about options for effecting only 1 layer, or a chosen amount of layers, and an option to effect downward instead of only up?
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    if you use -up only 1 layer is going to be edited and if you use +down you allow nanobot scan/edit down also
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    oh i see that now. my bad. didnt see it down there in the past updates list earlier

    Edit: awe how come i cant change to ice or water anymore :( was very useful in some instances. i think those should be optional :p
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    Go to and there should be a allowedMaterial there that you can just add the id for water and ice

    if you don't have it remove the file and /reload or copy this
    allowedMaterial (open)

    allowedMaterial=0 1 2 3 4 5 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 35 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 49 53 54 56 57 58 60 61 62 67 73 74 78 80 82 84 85 86 87 88 89 91 30

    I'm working on a better config file in 1.2 :)
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    yeah my bad i didnt notice there was already an update

    edit: i noticed that when i install nanobot and restart it makes a nanobot folder with the settings and such. then i make my changes and set the users, an when i restart to apply the new changes, it changes the nanobot folder to NanoBot and makss another nanobot (lowercase) folder, giving me a:

    "While loading Nanobot (plugins/nanobot.jar) found old-data folder: plugins/nanobot next to the new one: plugins/Nanobot" in the log

    even though it APPEARS like its making the Nanobot folder, the setting changes i had just made are in Nanobot, and the nanobot folder is the new default one. and as far as i can tell if both folders properties arent set the same it says i dont have permission.

    ive tried deleting the whole thing and reinstalling, and it happens every time

    otherwise it appears to be working greatly =b
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    Ja jag är svensk :) och tackar ^^
    Yes I'm swedish :) and thx
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    men jag har ett problem dock, när jag försöker att använda pluginet i minecraft står det bara: "sorry you cant use this mod". jag kan inget om .yml så jag vet inte helt vad man ska och hur med permissionsen jag har permissions 3x och jag har skrivit in mig i globalusers att jag är med Admins och under "permissions" har jag skrivit alla som du skrev men ska man ha de här ' både efter och före eller ingen alls plus att stjäarn betyder alla permissions va? jag tacker fär hjälpen:p
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    Jag tror du måste gå in i mappen nanobot och skriv in ditt anvädarnamn i allowPlayers.txt
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    Why are my torches changing with the wall they are placed on? like if i change the wall to wool, the torches become wool too. Not sure about other ids

    Also i tried to change a block without effecting the torches (-50) and i got this error and nothing changed:

    [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_DAMAGE to Nanobot
    at com.moon_werewolf.nanobot.NanoFamily.editArray(
    at com.moon_werewolf.nanobot.NanoFamily.setFood(
    at com.moon_werewolf.nanobot.NanoBlockListener.onBlockDamage(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callBlockDamageEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.dig(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet14BlockDig.a(SourceFile:42)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    RB 1060
    Just updated to Nanobot 1.2... and i see you just updated to 1.21 XD
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    Sorry i needed to remove 1.21 for it din't fix what was wrong, thx for the info 1.22 should come up shortly then i fixed this
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    Alright so the new features are working great! Steps turn, but there are a few issues still. The torches are still changing with the material they are touching (ie: turn a wall to stone, the torches become stone), when i changed something TO a step, some of the steps were invisable. And i cant rotate while moving or copying, only after something is placed, which makes some things quite difficult or dangerous to rotate. Though that is great if you can stand in the center of the object :D
    Also, the message says "You need to wait until the nanobots are one" (one, not done)
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    This plugin looks amazing. I've installed it on my server however I can't seem to get it to allow me or anyone else to use it. I've edited the allowPlayers file as specified but the plugin doesn't seem to see this. This has been tried with 2 different users both of which are also admins within the Permissions plugin. Does this require a different perms plugin / version?
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    i see 2 things that can be wrong
    1. did you use /reload after adding your username in allowPlayers?
    2. are you op on the server? even if you are admin in any premission plugin you still need to be op

    the are some premission settings inside the settings.yml file
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    "sorry you can't use this mod! :("
    and when i hit something with stick or fire, nothing happens.
    i edited code to have same as you and i still cant edit the terrain ;/
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    add your user name in the file allowPlayers and make sure you are op
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    Ok go the whole oping thing to work. Got lots of mods installed and not a single one uses the MC op system. Whatever.

    Anyway. I think a few more howtos / exact command sequence examples are in order, and not through a video. Say I want to change the ground from flatstone to wool. What do I do? Following the video it doesnt really make sense.
    I tried:

    /nano change 35
    and nothing happens. I tried poking the stone before the command, after the command etc. What exactly am I supposed to be doing here?
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    you need to hit the stone after a command with a empty hand
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    Ahh empty hand was the key :)
  31. I've just installed this, and it is a brilliant idea...the upload/download is what i'm using mainly, as im too lazy to create a whole world.
    I'm just wondering about a few parts of it...after downloading some of the models on the linked site, i found that a lot of them are unfinished, or just a complete time waster, a few consisted of spawning 1 dirt block, is there a way you could make it so the models being uploaded have to be tested and approved? So that people aren't wasting their time downloading pointless models.
    The other thing is the failure to spawn torches, ladders, trapdoors, doors, redstone torches properly, with every model i spawn to look at, the above items just fall right off them.
    Other than those two points, it is an awesome plugin, good work!

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