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    NanoBot - Edit Structures, Landscapes and more

    Version: 1.39
    craftbukkit: 1.2.5-R1.0


    NanoBot is a plugin that is able to change, copy, move, remove and rotate Structures and Landscapes. When someone uploads a structure by default, it will appear on this webpage:

    Test server: Offline, Waiting for new server computer. (2012-04-25)
    On the nanobot test server the latest build of nanobot is installed. there very one is allowed to test nanobot. the worlds resets every hour so do what you please. the server is off 3 - 4 minutes on every restart

    nanobot demonstration:

    nanobot tools

    Sumbitted Video or Others (open)




    Latest version
    NanoBot.jar (Alt)

    Ops the upload server is only for them that can code PHP and MySQL (alt)

    Here can you find older versions:

    1. Download
    2. put nanobots.jar in plugin folder
    3. Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    How to use:
    After the plugin is installed run the server or reload it, then got the nanobot folder that is the plugin and then open up the settings.yml file and under premission there are some settings for see how is allowed to use the mod

    op = minecraft own op system
    playerList = all users that going to beable to use the mod most be listed in allowPlayers.txt
    premission = if the server has some other permission plugin you can enable that setting to use that plugin instead

    then the permissions are sorted out restart or reload the server , Enter a command in the chat then hit a block with a empty hand

    nanobot.nanobot = allow the use of nanobot = allow download from a web server
    nanobot.upload = allow upload a structure to a web server
    nanobot.load = allow loading a structure from a file and place it

    The modes are
    Color = Edit only block with the same color (wool)
    Ground = Edit every block that the world generator can make (except bedrock)
    Normal = Edit block of the same type as the fist one you hit
    Structures = Edit structures
    All = Edit all blocks except air and bedrock
    • /nano remove [mode] [amount]
      • Remove blocks
    • /nano copy [mode] [amount]
      • Copy blocks
    • /nano move [mode] [amount]
      • Move blocks
    • /nano change <id> [mode] [amount]
      • Change blocks to something else (like dirt to grass)
    • /nano change <id>:<color> [mode] [amount]
      • Change block to something else but support color
      • /nano change 35:red (change something to red wool)
    • /nano fill <id> [amount]
      • Fill holes
    • /nano rotate <90|180|270>
      • allows the player to rotate structures or landscapes
    • /nano <save|load> <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Save and load Structures or Landscapes from a file
    • /nano upload <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Upload a structure to a public site where it can be downloaded
    • /nano download <filename> <id>
      • Download a structure from the public site (then use /nano load)
    • /nano tools [tool name]
      • See a list of all tools avaiable or see more info about one tool
    • /nano select [mode] [amount]
      • Selecting a structure or landscape
    • /nano <toss|info|cancel|undo>
      • Stand in water or lava and use Toss to use the nanobot on water
      • Info allows the player to see the information about the nano like then it is done
      • Cancel quits the operation the nanobot are assign to
      • Undo are just like it sound it undo that players last edit with he/she did with the nanobots
    Commands advance:

    now in a command can players use +<block id> to add and -<block id> to remove blocks that aren't on the scan list like
    /nano copy +1 s 1000 will now also copy smooth stone

    I want to thank @Flabaliki for helping with Bug testing the plugin

    Know bugs:
    • Stairs, Signs and other block don't rotate correctly

    full change list (open)

    Version 1.31
    * Select tool works with /nano change

    Version 1.3
    * Players get now the right amount of block edited
    * Color and All mode added
    * Snow layer are now ignored
    * Selection tool added (set id in tools.yml)
    * Some changes to scanning and editing codes
    * Permission bug fixed
    * Sand and Gravel that has been scanned don't fall
    * Config crash fix
    * The throw command now works on water and lava
    * Structures and landscape can now be rotate while move or copying
    * Support for the whole mode name
    * Fixed some bugs with the + and - system

    Version 1.25
    * Fixed a problem with item on walls fell of then they where loaded
    * Redstone torches now rotate correctly
    * Things on walls (torches, sign and more) do not change with the command change
    * Flowers and pistons now count as a on wall block

    Version 1.22 (Hotfix)
    * Fixed the special command -<block id> for real
    * Fixed torches and steps being rotated correctly
    * Fixed a bug that caused the tools to not work

    Version 1.2
    * Change .properties file to .yml
    * File being converted automatically
    * Small order now getting instantly completed
    * Added a blueprint tool
    * Fixed folder rename bug
    * Fixed the special command -<block id>
    * Changed Allowed blocks to disallowed blocks

    Version 1.1 (hotfix)
    * Permissions work as they should

    Version 1.0
    * Better scan code
    * Better edit code
    * Added nanobot tools
    * Added allowMaterial in options
    * Added command /nano select
    * Added progress messages
    * Changed /nano rotate
    * Fixed /nano move so it can now move things with out messing them up
    * Added /nano tools to see all tools

    Version 0.81 (hotfix)
    * Fixed the permissions
    * Fixed Save and upload functions
    * Added /nano fill in help

    Version 0.8
    * Added /nano fill
    * Added english number format
    * Added -diagonal
    * Added permissions
    * Change max number of block to edit every second from 250 to 2500
    * Some performance changes
    * Blocked some blocks in the commands
    * Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    Version 0.7
    * Fixed new scan code
    * Added -up and +down
    * Now can nanobot scan air (if +0 are used)

    Version 0.6
    * Fixed amount problem then saving
    * Change upload file location to temp folder

    Version 0.56
    * Fixed undo problem
    * Fixed load problem
    Version 0.55
    * Tried to fix the undo bug (i can't test it for i don't have that bug)
    * Fixed the nano rotate error
    * added new options needPermissionFile and needOp
    Version 0.5
    * Added a experimental setting that stops things from spreading while nanobots work
    * Fixed a loop issue
    * Fixed so - and + option works again
    * Fixed undo so it now should work correctly
    * Fixed so toss works again
    * Fixed some compatibility issues

    Version 0.45
    * Fixed for bukkit build 1000
    * Some performance issues fixed
    * Increased scan speed
    * Some new options added

    Version 0.41
    * Fixed a error that broke the hole plugin

    Version 0.4
    * Added upload function
    * Added download function
    * Added more advance options
    * Added setting file
    Version 0.3
    *Nanobot now logs in the server log
    * who, where and when someone uses the mod
    * Now do the undo file get created when the server shutdown
    Added some missing commands in /nano help
    Added leaves (18) in ground mode

    Version 0.2
    * First release
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    It's finally released! Awesome job as always Moon_Werewolf :)
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    From what I can see in the video, this is awesome... Except for one thing:
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    Oh man, just released? This plugin looks very, very neat. I'm not to good with these kind of plugins, like Worldedit, but I suppose it'll make making a town much, much easier. Thanks alot, Moon_Werewolf :)

    Oh, and I would also like to point out, great video tutorial, very easy to understand, but would've been a little bit better if you had've shown the commands he was typing in, and also where he was clicking. Cheers, m8
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    It's great to see this plugin public now :). It's been great having it on my server for a few months, but it will definitely go far now that you've released it.
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    Yes but this plugin has been on a private server for some month, I added what commands @Flabaliki is using in annotations
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    version missing from the title, added,please keep it updated
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    Oh, didn't see that :p Sorry haha
  9. Excellent plugin, thanks. Attached is a save file of a giant chicken. :)

    Attached Files:

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    Could you get this added to craftbukkituptodate please?
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    Sure, i have submitted it to craftbukkituptodate now :)
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    Can i bring it to work with tmi ?
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    this mod is freakin genious! as long as you're careful it's easy and fast and doesnt create any noticeable lag thus far.
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    works for me also on 860 :)
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    would it be possible to use .schematic files (like mcedit) instead of dat since there is a plethora of those files on various websites? just a thought...
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    I have search for it but i can't find how to use that file format :(
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    The only really annoying issues im having with this mod is the stone (id 1) blocks. Besides the "change" option, the stone blocks will move, copy, and remove with any other type of blocks they touch (though only at a 1 block distance), and only move, copy, or remove 1 at a time reguardless of the amount specified.

    (I could be wrong about the copy command, cause there are instances i remember stone blocks copying and other times they didnt)

    This is on both structure and ground, though i cant remember if its also on normal.
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    well if you have nanobot v0.41 add +1 in the command like /nano copy +1 s and i should copy stone also. i made stone a non spread block for people haved issues then there houses was connected to a mountain
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    I've tried this out on my own server (which runs on the same laptop as i play on) and had no problems. I have numerous other pluggins along side it (with craftbukkit) and so far so good.

    However. My friend placed it onto his server and with only us 3 online, there was MAJOR lagging to the point where my partner had to quit, and my friend had to remove the nanobot pluggin (where'by the lag stopped immediatly).
    It was either conflicting with a pluggin or two that he has on his server, else a server with this pluggin (especially on an average proformance laptop. His server is usually kept seperate from where he plays, so that cant be effecting it either. I'll ask him for a list of the pluggins he has just incase and edit this post at a later point.

    great plugging though, been DYING for something like this. Shame i didnt have it several days ago when I had to dismantle a whole mountain alone lol (dont ask).

    Also, can an update be made where you can 'add' a certain amount of block to land. Only, I wanted something that would give me flat land by 'raising' the ground level (say for example, i want to stretch an island out but there is deep water all around).
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    Can i get a plugin list so i can test if it is any plugin that conflicts with mine. how do you mean stretch an island? what i think then i hear that would be some sort of function that rices block around the area where a player chooses to about the same height
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    yeah thats basically what i mean. Just, its hard to swim deep underwater to add blocks in order to level it out so that there is no water only flat land instead. As for the pluggin list, i'll edit my post later hopefully as my mate is coming down and says he'll write me a list out of what he has, but apparently he has loads, so it might just be that there was too many plug-ins for his server to take lol. We'll see. Thanks
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    I just release version 0.5 hope that can solve some problems, i fixed a function called toss what you can do with it is dive to the bottom of the water and use /nano change 2 n [number of blocks] then /nano toss and you change the water to grass, but remember no blocks bellow where you character is standing will not be changed
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    hmm nice but its a little bit like WorldEdit
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    Even if it is, it's the people's choose what to plugin to use
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    when i try and copy a house i click what i want to copy and i past it and its only that line that i copied, not the
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    are you using /nano copy s and if your house have any smoth stone in it you should use /nano copy s +1
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    my server is abit screwed up cuz i tried to do the cobble replace thing in video but i clicked the ground, guess what it made everything on the ground cobble! and i stopped the server after so i cant undo, whats the number for dirt? plz reply
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    Is this better than WorldEdit? caus to me it seems kinda same to me? O_O
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    awesome thanks, i'll test it out now =D

    Edit: Works fantastic =D exactly what i wanted ^^ should really have asked for a general one as well where it works on land/water/lava ... but hey cant have everything done for you lol, thanks very much ^^

    =/ i'm trying to rotate a wooden builden (planks) but its coming up with "internal error occurred while attempting to perform this task"

    I tried - "nano rotate" ... "nano rotate s 180" .... "nano rotate 180" .... "nano rotate n 180" ... "nano rotate n"

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