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    This plugin is still VERY alive.
    If you guys haven't heard yet, we're now going to be doing the help on DBO (dev.bukkit.org) Our pages are here:



    Feature Requests go in the appropriate Github Issues section. See below.
    Post Bug Reports In the thread
    or join IRC at #multiverse on EsperNet

    Multiverse 2 - World Creation/Management/Teleportation & More​
    Current Version: 2.2-AB

    Multiverse 2 is a ground up rewrite of the popular Multiverse plugin for CraftBukkit. There are many new features, the biggest one being the much better usability and cleaner code! MV2 has been in the works for over 2 months and given the size of it, the developers are confident that you'll find a small bug or two. Please come into our IRC channel and discuss politely with us and we'll get it resolved quick-fastly!

    Looking for the old version that runs on CraftBukkit 1000? We don't have it anymore :( Here's an archive of the old help post. If you're a new user, we REALLY recommend using Multiverse 2..

    The Multiverse Team:
    @Rigby90 - The Multiverse God. 'nuff said
    @fernferret - Coding Person. Don't ask him about P2/P3 or Error 199.
    @lithium3141 - Utility coder or crazy math dude. You decide.
    @main-- - Is this his forum account? Localization person and MV-Adventure dev!


    Testers (official I know a bunch of you have helped, thanks!):

    Want to Try before you buy(er, download for free)?
    Check out the official Multiverse 2 test server: beta.zomgameservers.com

    Some of the MV2 Features:
    • Create multiple worlds of different types, seeds and with Custom Generators
    • Create portals to let users go between other portals, worlds, or locations
    • PermissionsBukkit support (Anything that implements the superperms api (PermBukkit, PEX, bPerms...)
    • iConomy, BOSEconomy, RealEcon, Essentials Econ and Item economy support!
    • Show which users are in what worlds
    • Create portals to let users go between worlds
    • Control who can enter worlds/portals with permissions!
    • World scaling with NetherPortals
    • Allow minecarts/boats through portals
    • Launch users through the air when they enter a portal!
    • Conserve memory by having some worlds NOT keep their spawn chunks loaded!
    • And the list goes on...

    This plugin requires CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1+

    The Dev versions Require CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1

    Need help? Check out our AWESOME Wikis!
    Core Wiki
    Portals Wiki
    NetherPortals Wiki
    SignPortals Wiki

    Core Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    Portals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    NetherPortals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    SignPortals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    Why multiple Downloads?

    Want to use bleeding edge?
    Grab live builds from ci.onarandombox.com

    FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How do I make portals:

    How do I separate world inventories?:
    Use the plugin named MultiInv

    People can't log into my 1060 Bukkit Server!:
    Are you using spout? If so, you need to upgrade it to a dev version or disable it until those guys release a 1060 compatible version.

    How do I know if I'm running CB XXXX or higher?:
    Type /version. The number here is your CB version:
    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-980-g4ed23b1-b1060jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    Please check that this version is the same as one of those in the title of the post.

    More Up-To-Date FAQ:

    Commands, Syntax & Permissions:
    Core Wiki
    Portals Wiki
    NetherPortals Wiki
    SignPortals Wiki

    Known Issues:
    Core Issues
    Portals Issues
    NetherPortals Issues
    SignPortals Issues


    Changelogs present on each file on DBO.

    Version 2.0
    • Release the Multiverse 2 Suite
    1.X changelog (For posterity)

    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.7.2
    • Now allow you to mvmodify worlds with _s
    Version 1.7.1

    • Added ability to do seeded world creation via: /mvcreate WORLD ENV SEED
    • Now allow you to import/create worlds with _s
    • Automatically import your DEFAULTWORLD_nether world
    • Add the /mvenvironments command to help you determine what valid environments are!
    • Other nifty bugfixes
    Version 1.7

    • Skylands is now supported as an Environment/Biome Type
    • The plugin should now support any custom Environment/Biomes which are added to CraftBukkit in the future without an update from Multiverse.
    • Fixed the 'Kick on Teleport' issue.
    Version 1.6.4

    • Fixed 0 Price Portals
    • Fixed a bug with new Portals
    • Updated for iConomy 5 (You will need to update to iCo 5)
    • Improved the PVP Setup
      • Now you no longer have to set the server.properties PVP variable to true... this is now completely done via the worlds config and properly stops PVP rather than preventing the damage from being applied.
    Version 1.6.3

    • Update for Minecraft 1.5 and CraftBukkit build 733
    Version 1.6.2

    • Contains updates/features which were introduced in 1.5
    Version 1.6 - Thanks to 'fernferret'

    • Updated for CB Builds 600+
    Version 1.5 - Permissions 2.1+ - (V1.5 - 02/03/2011)[/U]

    • Fixed whitelist/blacklisting once and for all :), thanks to @ledhead900
    • Add permission node 'multiverse.portal.exempt' -- Basically means they don't have to pay the cost of the portal... this is useful for Donors and such.
    • Updated to use iConomy 4.1 -- Would be great if I can get feedback on this... as usual I can only test solo.
    Version 1.4 - Permissions 2.0 & 2.1 - (V1.4 - 26/02/2011 - 01:11 AM GMT)

    • Should be easier on high pop servers now
      • Only checks if a player is within a Portal everytime he changes BLOCK Coordinate instead of every single pixel footstep he/she takes.
    • Now Supports Permissions 2.1 -- Both 2.1 and 2.0 support have seperate JARs, so get the right one.
      • Also commands are properly disabled when a Permissions plugin is not found and it will alert the player trying to use the Command.
    Version 1.3 - Permissions 2.0 - (V1.3 - 24/02/2011 - 02:31 AM GMT)

    • Removed the 'Stupidly Long Constructor'
    • Fixed an error which was loading portals that were on a non existent world which caused errors later on.
    Version 1.2.2 - (V1.2.2 - 23/02/2011 - 03:05 AM GMT)

    • Nothing much just updated so it works with Minecraft Beta 1.3, I suggest you don't use a lower Multiverse build than v1.2.2 otherwise it won't work and errors will occur.
    Version 1.2.1 - (V1.2.1 - 20/02/2011 - 23:35 PM GMT)

    • Changed over to the new Entity Damage...

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    fwiw i'm about to run an update to 531, i'll let you know if it works good
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    • optional default destination, all new gates go here... so anyone can make a gate in world.
      • Being worked on, or at least has been noted down and accepted.
    • box world, with a admin set size, like borders except that crossing it teleports you to the opposite side
      • hmm not a bad idea, will note it down.
    • allow mobs to come through, especially if they fall into a pit... some dangers to keeping that portal open
      • I have thought about this... could be a possibility sounds more than doable... would just be optional
    • I did not see a way to simply poke a hole through to another world at similar coordinates (maybe tied in with the default destination above as an option to setting a fixed point.
      • If you mean the portal always takes you to spawn... and not your current coordinates then ye, limitation within MV atm it's fixed in the next version.
    • Powered gate - imagine a teleporter pad... we could stock it full with stuff (like a chest of goods), then pull a lever and it teleports somewhere else.
      • Yeh was considering powered teleporters... at least an ability to turn it off and such. Regarding teleporting chests and such... probably falls under the teleporting creatures part... doable but we'll see.
    • Different sounds to where the gate is linked to... it always sounds so hellish.
      • Client side, nothign I can do about it.
    • would be neat to set a world to always night
      • That's on the list :).
    • would be neat to set a worlds visibility level to a fixed value... like tiny... a very foggy world
      • Again that's client side, nothing I can do about it.
    Atm the destination it chooses is a bit... crap, it was quick and dirty method... In the current version thats being worked on theres a better method however I'm still not happy with it... so will have to see what can be done :).
    It'll be optional in the next version, if it can't find the Permissions plugin it'll just default to only allowing ops to use certain commands.
    Theres no build:false in MV, I guess you mean Permissions/GroupManager in which case it's their plugin thread you need to ask within.

    However I will be implementing a basic form of this :).
    It's a limitation client side, basically when the client logs in it asks for the environment which because the servers default world is normal... it says its a normal environment... However this is never changed when changing between worlds... Will have to see if Notch adds the ability to change Environment on the fly client side...
    Theres a bug when teleporting using commands... the server thinks your moving wrongly and spawns you else where... It should work when using portals though.
    Sadly not much can be done about this... Unless Bukkit can find a way to prevent MC from loading the spawn area into memory...
    It should work with #531, currently running that build locally.
    tbh I can't actually remember... However theres a permissions node list in the OP.
    Will be, just finishing the next version. Already been in contacts with the guy and such :).
    Nope it's not from what I can tell... However there is plugins which allow you to have seperate inventories per world... MultiInv is one. I intend to implement a form of plugin within MultiVerse, but for the time being your better going with MultiInv as its done and works :).
  4. For some reason i can't use my portals anymore after updating to iConomy 4.4.6, it just says "Sorry but you do not have the required funds for this portal", even though iConomy support is set to false in the multiverse config, and all worlds and portals have 0.0 as cost.

    help please? i'm running craftbukkit #535, and MultiVerse 1.5
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    hmm strange... will give it a test with those versions.

    Can you pastebin me your MultiVerse.yml? Also did you try /reload or restart the server?
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    Strange... just went over the code and it should only do a cost check and refuse teleportation if 'iconomy: true'... Even if you removed the iconomy line from the config it defaults to false... So this doesn't make sense to me.

    However I will still download the versions you are using and do a test, because this doesnt make sense.
  7. if you want i can upload my entire server, so you can check it out yourself
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    Sure, that should give me a better idea as to what's going on.
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    I have a bit of an odd setup, though it works for most of the plugins.
    I have 8 different worlds on my server. To manage everything on these worlds
    i have made a Worldmap folder in my bukkit root. When I login (via localhost)
    I keep falling into the void and eventualy timeout.

            at com.WinSock.MobControl.MobControlPlugin$1.run(MobControlPlugin.java:365)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:122)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:345)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:272)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    strangest thing is, this only happens when I run multiverse and mobcontrol at the same time.
    If i run the plugins seperate they work like a charm. I have also posted this in the mobcontrol plugin thread.

    Maybe you could both look into it.

    Thanks in advance Saturnine
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    Ok will take a look however it seems to be the way that plugin works with MultiWorlds therefore its not a problem with my plugin....

    Can you perform a test for me though.... rename the "MobSpawn.jar" or w/e to "z.jar" ... That way its the very last plugin to load.... I may have an idea as to whats causing it.
    Also are you using the latest version? I see in the changelog it mentions a multiworld bug that was fixed.
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    I ran into the mobcontrol problem so i did an update first on that one.
    I'll rename it to zobcontrol ;) ...
    It worked !!!! great thanx man ...
    Now i can fix all plugin order by renaming them,
    didn't know that one and it could come in handy sometimes

    thanx again !!

    Greetzzz Saturnine
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    Yeh as I thought the problem is with that plugin...

    Seems like it's not picking up new worlds being created or something and because his plugin starts before mine its a case of its not properly dealing with things when MultiVerse creates new worlds.
  13. sent you the link as a private conversion here on the forum
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    Best Multi-world plugin ever.
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    Apologies, I did get your PM but I had left for Uni already and apart from replying to people on forums and IRC I didn't want to be cheeky and start running a server and doing a bunch of tests infront of the lecturer :p.

    Will look into it now, already looked into your configs so its a case of firing it up and testing the portals and then smashing my head against the wall as to why its doing what you say.
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    Alright, First of all, this is an awesome plugin. I'm loving it.

    I have one problem though. I have a world edited in MCEdit, which has an open bottom to the void. I want to create a portal that triggers when players fall into the void. There are three things that I've noticed.

    1) When a large portal area is defined, it seems to stop the server. Is the calculation dependent on portal size?
    2) When there is no ground beneath me I haven't been able to get the portal to work. When jumping down, if I fall into the void the portal doesn't work, but if I catch myself on a ledge then the portal activates.
    3) Less important, but portals carry momentum. So if I was falling quickly and portal to somewhere without water I end up dying [​IMG]

    Let me know if these make sense. I might just make my own specifically designed plugin to just teleport under a certain y threshold.
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    This simply don't function for me.
    I can do /mvimport and /mvtp etc with no problems, but portals don't work at all. (Can create, sometimes, but not 'use' etc.)
    Also the spawns are all messed up, I don't know where to end up whenever I try to get it to function! ("Used" it for about 2-3 weeks.)

    Even tried to ad an A to the Multiverse.jar, so it would load first. But no luck.
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    I am having the same issue. I can neither link portals with commands, nor do they work after doing so by editing the config.
  19. This is how portals.yml should look like, and i'm bit surprised none of this is in the tutorials. I was answered few posts back:
            price: 0.0
            destlocation: w:Trinnia:170:64:119:361.65:45.449997
            location: 169.0,65.0,112.0:171.0,69.0,113.0
            owner: Zaflis
            world: Kilrogg
    I think the values for destlocation mean:
    (X,Y,Z are integers, hope its fixed later to be floating point)

    Create portals with use of wood pickaxe and "/mvpc [YourPortalName]", then move to the exact location you wish to be portaled to. Note that even the point you are looking at will be used. Then use "/mvps [YourPortalName]" and "/mvpd here".

    The "here" is the keyword and only way to make precise 1 way portals, the only kind of portals that anyone should do.
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    How did you create the portals? Can you pastebin the 3 config files as well as listing other plugins you use.

    The spawn is handled differently in MultiVerse atm... It's rather confusing but at the time it was the only way to work with it... This method has been replaced in the next version as you can now properly set each worlds spawn using Bukkit.
    Same as the above, state how you went about creating them... As well as pastebinning your config files...

    Also CB Versions and other plugins would help.
    The reason it's not in the tutorial is because I don't wan't people manually editting the YML files... No point explaining to people how to manually edit when I don't want them to... It's the same issue as the old Permissions where it was only sorted via manual editting which raised countless amounts of issues due to YML formatting.

    You are right with the Destlocation values.... however.... Why do you want Floating point for XYZ... The reason I removed FP and used Integer instead is because FP is unreliable when teleporting a player... you can end up halfway inside of a block and start suffocating... Integer allows me to teleport a player to the dead center of a block therefore they won't be clipped inside of a block and won't start suffocating.

    Atm the rewrite is not far off done (Core wise...), still using Integers... but if you can convince me as to why FP is a preferred method and why it would make it better... I'll consider adding it in before release. But again I see no reasoning behind it.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Sorry, this is not clear. Does being crossed out mean it's done, or does it mean it's scrapped? Because it's a feature I'd like to have, even if it's not automatic (eg '/mvpd new' or perhaps '/mvpd worldname:new'). Someone on my server tried it; simply building a portal and stepping into it did not auto-create anything.

    EDIT: I noticed the changelog mentioning it works, so I guess it means it's done, but it still doesn't work for me... is there some configuration that needs to be set up for it to work? I think I'd actually prefer some form of "/mvpd new" though.

    And for the vulnerability problem, couldn't you just make sure it doesn't hollow out from materials other than Netherrack, Stone, Dirt, Grass, Gravel? Or set in the config which materials it's allowed to hollow out in.
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    Is an option to fill a portal (minus the border selected) with properly aligned portal blocks possible?
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    Crossed out means its done - That setting only works when using the SPlike feature which is a normal world linked to a nether world like Single Player.

    There should be a /mvpbuild command which will build a portal... however it doesnt link or anything it just places the physical blocks.

    I could add in a check to see if the safe spot where the user is teleported to has room for a portal... if so build... if not don't. (However if I do decide to implement this it will be restricted to the SPLike module of the plugin.)

    But I won't be adding in a feature to find a safe spot for that can hold both the player and portal.

    I will just add my opinion on the matter... I'm not fond of auto portal creation because it's not possible to check whether the area is 'safe' in terms of no ones building here... or nothing is delicate here.... etc.... not to mention auto building doesnt give the player a choice in the matter and can lead to griefing etc.

    Because of this it may just be easier to setup that MVPBUILD command to only be usable by certain players... and only make it useable for 10-20 seconds after using the portal... This way the user gets the choice and it cant be used to cheat and make portals instead of getting the obsidian necessary.
    Sadly no, can look into it... not sure on how to set there direction or whether they will auto face the same way if you fill an area.

    All I can do for now is suggest WorldEdit or something to fill the area.
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    Hey I just installed Multiverse on my server. Everything seems to work fine but now /item doesn't work for anyone only me the op can. Is there a special syntax I need to add?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Does/will this have syntax to specify the world to build it in so that you could build and /mvpc a portal, type something like "/mvpbuild portalname w:nether p:portalyoujustcreated", and it'll create a new portal in the nether and link the two together? That's the sort of thing I'd like to have. (Building a portal like this would mean replacing a 3x4x5 area, I think, to ensure there's air and a floor for the player. Or 2x4x5 since they only need to be able to exit in one direction.)

    Speaking of which, linking two portals is a tad tedious... maybe we could have something like "/mvplink <portal1> <portal2>"?

    These are good points, but easily fixed by restricting it to certain players.
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    MultiVerse wouldn't cause this, chances are your permissions arnt setup for Multiples worlds. You'll need to head over to the permissions thread or somethign to find out how to set them up per world.
    It's just /mvpbuild and it builds a portal near the player somewhere, it was implemented during debugging to make it easier for me to make portals instead of constantly building them. So I wouldn't rely on it, it's no where near perfect.

    Regarding linking, yeh I agree it's tedious and that is a way to improve it... however your suggestion... would that just point portal1 to portal2... or point them both to each other...

    Guess it could be -

    "/mvplink portal1 portal2" -- Points portal 1 to portal 2
    "/mvplink portal1 portal2 ARG" -- Points them both to each other (Replace ARG with a argument which I can't seem to think of atm, probably 'FORCE' or something).
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    Maybe i missed it somewhere but is there a single permission I can give to people so they can just use the portals not teleport to the worlds?
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    /mvplink p1 p2 [bi] where if args[2] exists and is equal to bi, the link is run again with args[0] and args[1] reversed. Or something :)
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    Anyone should be able to use a portal providing you havent blacklisted them.

    There shouldn't be a permission node for it.
    Yeh, "bi" meaning what :p though (bidirectional? or w/e it is).

    Basically looking for something generic and which makes sense to those that arn't tech savvy etc.
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    Take any number of arguments. If every argument is the name of an existing portal, link each portal to the one after it. /mvplink p1 p2 p3 p4 would link p1 to p2, p2 to p3, and p3 to p4. If the last argument is NOT an existing portal name, then link the last one back to the first one. /mvplink p1 p2 p3 p4 loop would link p1 to p2, p2 to p3, p3 to p4, and p4 to p1.

    Or pick a word, so a portal could be linked to another one that hasn't been placed yet.


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