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    Version: v0.03

    GenOre will automatically or manually generate or regenerate a minimum number of ore throughout the Minecraft world.

    This could be helpful if you would rather have more valuable ores than what is normally generated by Minecraft. It could also helpful if you have done something to remove the ores in the world and would like to "regenerate" them.

    I really think that you should choose your schedule interval and "Chunkstoprocess" settings based on which reason you need to use GenOre.

    If you just want to increase ore counts as new areas are discovered, set the schedulesecs to 30 or 60 and the Chunkstoprocess to 50.

    If you need to generate a bunch of ore because most chunks are missing most or all, set the schedulesecs to 5 and the Chunkstoprocess to 200. After running this for a few hours and most of the world has been processed, try taking these numbers down to something like the paragraph above.

    It is probably not a good idea to run this while using another plugin that changes ores. It may work but it really depends on what the other plugin is doing. It would probably be best to disable the other one while this one is active.

    • Set minimum number of ore that each world chunk should have
    • Randomly puts ore into groups of ore based on the max size you configure it for
    • Runs in the background with a settable timer
    • Can adjust the number of world chunks that are processed each time the timer fires
    • Stores list of chunks already processed so that they are not checked for the minimum more than once
    • Multi-World compatible
    • Can set the min and max heights that you want the ore to randomly generated between
    • Only changes smooth stone to various ores
    • Permissions support (defaults to op if not detected)
    Download GenOre .03


    Older Versions:
    GenOre .02

    GenOre .01

    OP Commands:
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    /genore list - Counts number of ores in current location's chunk
    /genore ra - Regenerates current chunk location's terrain (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS)
    /genore rao - Force ore generation in current chunk
    /genore auto <worldname> - Automatically generates ore in the loaded chunks
    /genore autoall - Automatically generates ore for all normal worlds
    /genore stopall - Turns autoregen off
    /genore saveall - Forces a save of the ore generation data
    /genore status - Shows a status of running generators and chunks processed

    Config: GenOre.txt
    Settings and Defaults:
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    RedstoneMaxY=20 -- Max height for redstone
    RedstoneMinY=3 -- Min height for redstone
    MinIron=80 -- Min number of iron per world chunk
    IronMaxY=65 -- Max height for iron
    IronMinY=3 -- Min height for iron
    MaxGoldChunk=5 -- Max size of gold veins
    MinLapis=8 -- Min number of lapis per world chunk
    MaxIronChunk=10 -- Max size of iron veins
    AutoStart=false -- Automatically start GenOre AutoGenerate on startup
    GoldMaxY=30 -- Max height for gold
    Worlds=<your normal worlds> -- List of worlds, comma seperated
    CoalMaxY=127 -- Max height for coal
    GoldMinY=3 -- Min height for gold
    MinGold=4 -- Min number of gold per world chunk
    CoalMinY=3 -- Min height for coal
    MaxDiamondChunk=4 -- Max size of diamond veins
    MaxLapisChunk=4 -- Max size of lapis veins
    MaxCoalChunk=20 -- Max size of coal veins
    DiamondMaxY=20 -- Max height for diamond
    DiamondMinY=3 -- Min height for diamond
    LapisMaxY=25 -- Max height for lapis
    LapisMinY=3 -- Min height for lapis
    MinDiamonds=3 -- Min number of diamonds per world chunk
    ChunkSchedulerSecs=5 -- Number of seconds to wait before checking for new chunks to process
    MaxRedstoneChunk=5 -- Max size of redstone veins
    ChunksToProcess=100 -- Number of chunks to process (check and generate minimums) each scheduler interval
    MinCoal=120 -- Min number of coal per world chunk
    MinRedstone=8 -- Min number of redstone per world chunk

    Permissions list:
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    Version .03
    • Improved Multi-World detection
    • Fixed certain commands not checking for worlds listed in config file
    Version .02
    • Added chat color
    • Added permissions support
    Version .01
    • Initial Release
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    does this destroy a Man Made Smooth Stone? I have a town made of Smooth Stone and their Underground is Smooth Stone also.. will some ore generated there? or it will only generate beside an ore?
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    Yes, it will replace any item #1 it finds.

    Guys, I am taking a hiatus from Minecraft for awhile. I have posted the source here if anyone wants to use it or build on it.

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    dang this pluging is on hold :( really would love to see getting to modify for more glowstones in the nether
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    The plugin destroyed my world by generation ore into houses :?
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    This is a really nice plugin, and if you let me, I have a couple of suggestions.
    • This plugin only changes smooth stone to various ores, isn't it? Well, it would be nice if that could be configurable. I mean, to set for example, that it changes cobblestone to various ores.
    • Also, like the command /genore ra regenerates the chunk to it's original state (when world was created), it would be nice a command like that that only regenerates the ores to their original state (the ores the world set at the start), and to configure which one you want to regenerate
    I'm not a developer, and I don't know how to add this features, so I just suggest them.
    And I'm going to say it again. Excellent plugin.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english
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    You literally deserve a medal! You just made my day I have been looking for a plugin "EXACTLY" like this for ages! If there is ever ANYTHING that you need help with, just let me know.
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    Hello, does this Plugin work on the 1060 Bukkit version?
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    You could help by continuing his good work? :D

    This plugin needs a dev!

    Another feature idea to toss in:
    - A command to replace [#]% of smooth stone (or even configurable?) in current chunk with [oretype].

    I swear I've seen a plugin with that feature... but for the life of me I can't find it anymore.
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    i dont think this gets rid of ore, it checks chunks at a rate we set to see if that chunk has the bare min amount we have told the plugin.i. if the chunk does not meet the min it will generate more ore in the smooth stone. also this plugin only effects smooth stone
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    Could you add the ability to generate ore in worldguard regions? Its very annoying to generate in every chunk, which contains the worldguard region.
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    Please update it to the next version or tell someother should develop this plugin.Great work!
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    i cant get it to run, when i type /genore it gives me the commands but when i try to do anything it says genore: insufficient permissions any ideas what im doing wrong?
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    /op yourself
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    im already set up as an op, but maybe i did it wrong, i'll give it a shot again and see what i can do, i'll keep you posted

    another question, i use mcmyadmin if i have me set up as an admin in there is that the same as setting me as op in the command propt?

    well i figured out what my problem was, in all my crazy builds i did apparently in the last one i made i forgot to set me up as an op, wow i feel like a moron, anyway thanks for the help jdev

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    Make a region based command?
    So when the region automatically regens, it randomizes all ores into that region?
  20. so uhhh... what do i do when my world has a space in its name? like colony craft /genore auto colony craft wont work because it acts as if im adding another field
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    so on mincraft 1.1 and RB4 and dont think the auto gen function works any more the newly explored part of the world does not have the boost of ore. but if i go /genore rao it will add the correct amount* cries* this was my top 5 plugins
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    Hi there! Thank you for a great plugin! I am having troubles with it though.. I've tried.. genore autoall, ra, rao and still there are no ores in my world when I type in genore list.. Can you please tell me how to fix it, thanks!

    Would the server version or bukkit version matter? :)
  23. how to add the souce to eclips?????
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    does this work for 1.2.5? i would love to have this for a resource world.
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    Tried on 1.2.5 R4.0...... did not work ; _ ;
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    Someone please take this plugin and remake it for CB 1.2.5-R5.0
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    I so need this plugin is there any chance of getting it now?
  28. Does anyone have either the source, or the last jar for this plugin? I would like to fix it for 1.2.5-R5.0.

    Cheers =)
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    I love this plugin, but it isn't compatible with 1.6.4/1.7.2. Anyone can continue it, please?

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