[EDIT/FUN] SM-FastMining v1.3.4 - Square block remover [1185]

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    SalesMan FastMining - A square fast block remover:
    Version: v1.3.4

    With a one click remove whole squares of blocks vertically or horizontally. and still get the drop. You can set the radius of your squares to your liking. So you can remove a square of blocks of different size to serve your needs.
    Example Image (open)

    This was an example with radius set to 1.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    • Permissions 3.1.6 (yeti) not after version 1.3.

    • Permissions
    • SuperPermissions
    • Specify item per player.
    • Specify the radius per player.
    • Drops
    • Tunneling
    • Commands for setting item/radius/drop on|off/tunneling on/off, border block.
    • Item/Radius saved in yml.
    Download FastMining.
    Other downloads

    Source Code

    Change Log:
    • Tunneling added.
    Older: (open)

    • Version 1.3.3
      • Drops able to be turned of by "/fm d".
      • Added SuperPermissions. set in config file "permissions: superperm".
    • Version 1.3.2
      • Updated for bukkit 1060
      • Fixed drops.
      • NOW normal drops.
    • Version 1.3.1
      • Left Mouse button removes only the clicked block (ignore radius)
      • Right Mouse button removes the square (by using the radius)
    • Version 1.3
      • Permission no longer required. when not available switch to OP only.
      • Fixed a bug whit the "/fm c" command.
    • Version 1.2.2
      • Fixed bug in the setRadius command.
    • Version 1.2.1
      • Fixed all block drops.
      • Fixed setRadius command.
    • Version 1.2
      • Added on/off command.
      • fixed command errors.
      • added more permission nod
    • Version 1.1
      • Fixed commands crashing server.
      • Add: check radius command. (/fm check <player name>)
    • Version 1.0
      • Release

    >> Commands & Permission nodes <<
    Quick list: (open)

    • /fm check [playername]
    • /fm radius [playername] [radius]
    • /fm item [playername] [itemID]
    • /fm enable [playername]
    • /fm drop [playername]
    • /fm tunnel [playername] [itemID] [on/off]
    • sm.fm.mine
    • sm.fm.com
      • sm.fm.com.check
      • sm.fm.com.setradius
      • sm.fm.com.setitem
      • sm.fm.com.enable
      • sm.fm.com.adminhelp
      • sm.fm.com.drop
      • fm.fm.com.tunnel

    To Do:
    • Undo command
    • Suggestions?
    Currently working at:
    • Undo command
    • Depth
    • Tool specific; gold shovel only breaks grain blocks, gold pick only breaks solid blocks?
    • iConomy integrated; buy <> power for <> moneys?
    • Command for 3D shape that the supertool mines; 3x3x3, 2x1x13, 13x1x1?
    BUGS?? Please post a issue here http://github.com/youpko/SalesMan-FastMining/issues so I can keep track of the bugs.
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    Kind off a TNT mining?
    Nice! Try to add a super pickaxe command to? Maybe?
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    What did you mean whit super pickaxe command. on/off command??
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    missing version in the title

    does not belong at the end ;)

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    The description is a bit vague... What exactly does this do?

    So it mines a square around you. Nice first plugin!

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    Really Should add Descriptions to nodes... i Understand but some others might not.

    Wait I'm testing the nodes in permissions and they don't seem to work... I'm using permissions 3.1.6 yeti. (they never worked sorry forgot to add that)

    Just bug reported it on github like you asked.
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    What is your problem. are they always working? or never working at all?
    Because if they are never working check if you have the permissions set for the specific world you are in.
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    Updated to 1.2. the config file has changed its index. so if you update your old config wont work any more.
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    I have no clue what you mean.
    But just in case square block remover isn't the name.
    (title are build like: [CATEGORY] Name version - description [BUKKIT BUILD])
    And if you would have read the First line of the first post you could have seen.

    update 1.2.2. fixed a smal bug with the setRadius command.

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    Jonathan Thorpe

    The only advantage this has over http://forums.bukkit.org/posts/444002/ is that it has a radius option, which is very handy. However, this is negated by the fact that this plugin REQUIRES permissions while the other does not. Would be nice if this plugin had OP-checking as a fallback instead of just disabling.
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    I will update the to do list to OP fallback. that was a function I forgot to make.
    And I plan to make a funtion to create tunnels.
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    isn't it possible to make it work without permissions ??
    because i hate to install it .. never works like i want ...

    would be so nice !
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    Version 1.3 just uploaded.
    Permissions is no longer requirerd!
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Fantastic - well done! Moving over to SM-FastMining as I write :)
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    oh nice man !
    i love you ;D
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    Could you make it tool specific; gold shovel only breaks grain blocks, gold pick only breaks solid blocks?
    Could you make it iConomy integrated; buy <> power for <> moneys?
    Also maybe a command to change the shape that the supertool mines; 3x3x3, 2x1x13, 13x1x1?

    Not to be pushy or anything. :confused:
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    Put the on the suggestion list.
    Don't know yet what to make.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Another suggestion: Left-click with specified item - obey fast mining rules, apply radius, etc. Right-click, mine the block as normal, ignore radius, etc.

    Useful for clearing up areas after mining with the radius option turned on without having to constantly turn it on/off to clean up things like gravel falls, sand falls, etc, and also smaller edits without stopping to enable/disable.
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    Just update to 1.3.1.
    With left and right mouse button update
    Left for single block.
    Right for square of bloks.
  21. I can' seem to get this to work.
    It loads, says it's ok, .. i can set values for players.
    And that's it. Using the item left/right mouse doesn't do anything.
    not sure what i might be missing.
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    "/fm enable" (allias: "/fm e") (without "" ofcourse)
    to enable the plugin ;-)
  23. Ugh, I thought that was for 'per user', .. doh
    <3 this, we walked from spawn to -54,000 on x and -54,000 on z, we've got tracks there and portals, etc. hehe
    but we also link up the cities we're building on the way .. with tunnels. having this to speed things up a bit lets us focus on the city building (we hate using cheats, but this saves 6 hours of tunneling)
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    Glad that it helps. I am working on a similar plugin where you can specify the outer block to become something else so you can faster build (more like extracting :D) tunnels.
  25. Yah, just used it a bit and it's working great.
    My friend already said: Can't it put a stone 43 in the bottom, and a light on the left? Then we're done!
    haha. But yeah, just saying, radius = x around the middle (like it is now) and then "border" is item 1, then around the radius it adds a border of good looking stone. This also prevents issues where you run into caves, lava or underground water things.
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    I would love if you added a undo command. Sometimes I forget that I have it on and accidentally remove blocks.
    I also think that you should add an upper limit setting for the radius so users can't go above a certain radius.
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    Just updated to version 1.3.2. Compatible with bukkit build 1060
    Undo is added to the todo list.
    Users have an upper limit of 3. admins/op unlimited.
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    Nice plugin, it's coming in real handy for the huge underground city we're building.....

    Anyway we can get a link without the version number in the filename so it can be added to CraftBukkitUpToDate??

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    WorldEdit has this feature....so I won't be downloading it. I can understand the draw to have a lightweight plugin that does one thing, but I use almost everything WorldEdit offers. And with the amount it offers, it's actually very lightweight.
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    The link in the first post now always point to the latest version (easy non changing link).

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